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Zlatan Selected H&M Move: Neutral Tones, Max Movement

H&M Move has created a buzz in activewear with its newest collaboration, Selected by Zlatan, which showcases the renowned Zlatan Ibrahimović as the collection’s ambassador. The esteemed footballer personally selects this exclusive range to promote an active lifestyle reconciling performance with style.

At the core of the collection is the revolutionary DryMove technology, a game-changing innovation crafted to ensure the wearer stays comfortably dry during any physical activity. It embodies H&M Move’s commitment to fusing functionality with contemporary aesthetics.

H&M Move Selected by Zlatan Collection

PinZlatan Ibrahimović is seen showing off his impressive flexibility as he strikes a high kick pose while dressed in a stylish black athletic H&M Move outfit. The Selected by Zlatan collection offers a carefully curated range of clothing designed to meet various movement needs, whether for intense workouts or casual daily activities. The collection features essential items such as the DryMove loose-fit hoodie and cotton cargo joggers, highlighting their versatility.For more active moments, the DryMove stretch sports shorts and sports cargo shorts provide freedom and flexibility, while the sports tank tops offer support for vigorous movement. The color scheme of the collection emphasizes neutral tones, ensuring that each piece is not only practical but also makes a fashion statement. Zlatan Ibrahimović sports a patterned brown H&M Move t-shirt. Photo: H&M

Available now on, the Selected by Zlatan collection also includes a practical addition for the on-the-go mover: a water-repellent sports backpack. It is designed to protect your essentials against the elements and complements the activewear lineup.

It reminds us that H&M Move is about more than clothing. It’s a lifestyle that champions movement in all forms.

Zlatan Ibrahimović adopts a pensive look, clad in a monochrome brown H&M Move hoodie and matching joggers. Photo:“`html

image Source: Sorbis @ShutterStock

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