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Explore This Classic 1991 Ferrari F40

Image Source: Mateusz Rostek / Shutterstock

The nineties was an era of wealth and extravagance, a characteristic that is excellently showcased in the high-performance cars manufactured during that period. This particular 1991 Ferrari F40 is up for auction through RM Sotheby’s (with a staggering price tag). Priced between £2-2.5m, this offering is exclusively for serious enthusiasts of luxurious automobiles, and if you have the funds, it will be one of the most remarkable Ferraris available in the market.

This well-kept and moderately driven example of Maranello’s significant 40th-anniversary supercar has truly caught our attention at The Status Life, owing to our nearly extreme fascination with Italian supercars. Offered by RM Sotheby’s, this 1991 Ferrari F40 boasts a body, chassis, engine, and gearbox with matching numbers, being a mid-production European-spec car featuring manual windows.

Having clocked under 10,000km, this exceptional Ferrari is in remarkably good shape and has been maintained by Modena Cars SA of Geneva throughout 2020 and 2021 to ensure the flawless appearance and performance you see today. According to a historical analysis by marque expert Marcel Massini, this Ferrari was completed in May 1991 for the European market, with metric gauges, manual windows, and the classic Rosso Ferrari paint over Stoffa Vigogna upholstery arrow

Perfectly tailored for enthusiasts seeking a prime example of Maranello’s 40th-anniversary supercar, this F40 is ideal for both display and driving pleasure, beautifully showcasing one of the most iconic models in the realm of sports cars.
Purchase now from RM Sotheby’s | priced from £2m
Image Credit: Mateusz Rostek / Shutterstock

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