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This Classic 1954 Ferrari 625 F1 Scheduled for Auction Today

The realm of F1 auto racing has undergone significant changes over time, transitioning from a focus on velocity and elegance to the intricate, technologically advanced sport it is today. The 1954 Ferrari 625 F1 represents this iconic era and is poised for auction at RM Sotheby’s Monaco.

Listed in the price range of £2,150,000 to £2,550,000, this scarce 1954 Ferrari 625 F1 is intimately associated with Ferrari’s inaugural World Championship-winning vehicle, the 500 F2, which clinched consecutive titles in 1952 and 1953 with Alberto Ascari behind the wheel.

This specific car holds profound historical significance as the sole Ferrari monoposto raced by Marquis Alfonso de Portago, enhancing its attraction for zealous motor racing aficionados who admire legendary automobiles. Preserved meticulously in impeccable condition within the renowned Bardinon Mas du Clos Collection for more than 15 years, it stands out as a remarkable collectible deserving a distinguished position in any enthusiast’s array.

Acquired by a collector from Cologne, Germany in December 2000, the Ferrari has been carefully upheld for over two decades, culminating in a recent examination by Ferrari Classiche in April 2022. The examination substantiated its legitimacy with matching chassis and engine numbers and validated the gearbox’s accuracy for this model.

Possessing one of Ferrari’s earlier Formula 1 vehicles is an honor, but owning a car of such authenticity presents a rare chance suited for the most discriminating collectors. Qualified for esteemed vintage racing occasions and Concours exhibits, this car beckons enthusiasts to admire its engineering brilliance developed by Aurelio Lampredi and masterfully piloted by the renowned Alberto Ascari.

Picture Credit: SunflowerMomma / Shutterstock

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