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Varla Pegasus Examination: An Impeccable Scooter With a Chic Appearance

Every one of us recognizes the significance of meeting our daily step quota for our overall well-being, but there are days when we feel the need to go a step further. Although the desire to cover 10 miles on foot each day is strong (good intentions pave the way to success, after all), the reality is that most of us simply lack the time to do so. Fortunately, this is where the Varla Pegasus electric scooter steps in to save the day.

If you resemble individuals like us, always on the move and consistently running out of time, this scooter with all-wheel drive and dual motors will efficiently and, most importantly, securely transport you to your destination. This stylish vehicle is designed to attain speeds of up to 28 miles per hour, ensuring you arrive promptly at your desired location. Given the current high gas prices, you will even save some extra money on transportation along the way.

Priced reasonably (presently available for $1,299), this exceptional performer could very well be the preferred scooter for many as it offers speeds above the norm with its dual 500W hub motor on the wide, airless tires that can reach a combined output of 1600W. While most touring models available prioritize either low-speed cruising in the city or excessively powerful engines that can deliver an exhilarating yet potentially dangerous ride – until it catapults you into the air resulting in serious injuries, that is. This model, however, boasts a speed nearly twice that of most standard scooters on the market, yet remains safe and instills confidence when accelerating to motorcycle-like speeds.

Upon the scooter’s arrival, all the hard assembly work has already been completed for you. The visually appealing teal, silver, and black model comes pre-assembled, requiring you only to set the handlebars in place and charge it up before embarking on your inaugural test ride. Prepare for an enjoyable experience!

Here’s a brief overview of some key technical specifications of this high-performance scooter:

·         Engine: Twin 500W hub motor

·         Battery: 48V/15.6Ah lithium-ion battery

·         Maximum Speed: 28 mph

·         Suspension: Twin spring suspension

·         Lighting: Headlamp and taillight

·         Braking system: Dual mechanical disc brakes

·         Gradient Capability: 25 degrees

·         Wheels: 8” Solid rubber tires

·         Weight (with battery): 66 lbs

·         Charging Time: 7-8 hours

·         Weight Capacity: Maximum 280 lbs

What sets this e-scooter apart is its high-power output, enabling smooth ascension of slopes with angles of up to 25 degrees. Moreover, the dual disc brakes provide superior braking performance, allowing for quick halts when necessary while ensuring a smooth and secure stop, freeing you from concerns about potential falls. Steering is effortless, with the handlebar facilitating easy maneuvering through bustling city thoroughfares.

Our experience testing the Pegasus impressed us with the dual shock absorption system. Unlike many electric vehicles that transmit every bump felt, this spirited scooter seems to effortlessly glide over rough terrains, mitigating discomfort typically encountered and delivering the smoothest ride possible. Speaking of uneven surfaces, the puncture-resistant rubber tires are specifically designed for grooved pavements, being highly resistant to wear and tear. Not only are these solid tires long-lasting (no more flat tires to address) but they are also lightweight, contributing to a nimble ride quality.

With a total weight of 66 pounds, the entire scooter is manageable if lifting is not required frequently. If planning to take it along on weekend trips, bear in mind that it is somewhat heavy, making extended carrying a chore. While the Varla Pegasus may not boast the same degree of portability or lightness as some competitors, this midrange model does offer one of the most comfortable and maneuverable rides, particularly suitable for beginners to the e-scooter realm. Once your ride is over, folding the scooter is a breeze for storage, and a lock ensures it remains securely folded in place.

Featuring three power levels – akin to low, medium, and high settings – you can easily monitor these on the large, user-friendly LCD screen. Remember, the slower you go, the longer the battery life. Opting for the medium setting aligns with our preferred speed for regular cruising, providing a balanced and comfortable ride. On many scooters reaching speeds of 20 mph and above, shaky handlebars often signal a potential tumble. Thankfully, the Varla Pegasus delivers a stable ride, instilling confidence as the speedometer climbs.

If you share a penchant for high speeds much like us, ensure the scooter is fully charged before unleashing your inner speedster on the road at full throttle. To achieve the maximum speed of 28 mph, we observed it best to do so when the scooter is at maximum or near-full battery charge. Even as the battery depletes, speeds of around 25 mph can still be attained, remaining enjoyable yet controlled without being overly aggressive. (For those craving even higher speeds, consider exploring the Varla Eagle One Pro All Terrains Electric Scooter capable of reaching 45 mph).

Considering prolonged top-speed rides, expect an average battery life of around 21 miles per charge. Our testing revealed that at the lowest speed, the battery can indeed cover the advertised 28 miles. When varying speeds during use, you should anticipate a range of approximately 25 miles per full charge. (Take extra precautions if weather conditions are inclement, which is not advisable in the first place).

Our touring of Boston with this city commuter electric scooter was a delightful experience, appreciating the scenic autumn vistas from Seaport to Beacon Hill. Rest assured, cruising around on this new ride will undoubtedly draw smiles as you are spotted traversing the town.

Safety is paramount when aboard an electric scooter; thus, we advise wearing protective gear such as helmets, gloves, footwear, and appropriate clothing. Riding at dusk or during nocturnal hours was made more secure and assuring with the presence of dual LED lights on the headlamp and taillight (activated upon pulling the brake lever).

Varla has truly elevated the Pegasus design to new heights. This well-crafted model features a spacious 6.7-inch wide deck, providing ample room for comfortable standing positioning with feet placed side by side. The thumb-operated throttle conveniently manages speed, ensuring quick and effortless speeds adjustments.

Whether seeking a fun city-cruising electric scooter or a travel companion for your next trip, this off-road scooter is tailored for versatile terrain enjoyment. Should you be in search of a dependable electric scooter offering a secure yet exhilarating journey, make the Varla Pegasus your next exploration companion – trust us, you will not be disappointed.

For further details, visit Varla Scooter. (Note: A $250 discount code is currently available for Black Friday Deals on the website, bringing down the price to just $1,049 after applying the discount).

Image Source: Clean Technica

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