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Zara Alongside TwoJeys Launches a Line Geared for Adventure

Zara’s latest venture in collaboration forges a partnership with the pathfinding accessory brand TwoJeys, blending attire with a passion for discovery and dauntlessness. Orchestrated by the avant-garde pair Biel Juste Calduch and Joan Margarit, TwoJeys is celebrated for its connection to adventurous endeavors and fearless exploits.

The essence of the Zara x TwoJeys collection speaks to audacious spirits and modern-day wanderers. Celebrated photographer Glen Luchford captures the spirit in an arresting campaign that spotlights skateboarders Evan Mock and Carlisle Aikens, as well as the enthralling Iris Law.

Embarking on the Zara x TwoJeys Collection Exploration

The muse behind this fresh and creative series originates from the sphere of jewelry. Biel Juste Calduch remarks, “TwoJeys embodies an attitude. It was amidst an enchanting trip down California’s Route 66 that the notion ignited within Joan and me.”

“Journeying onward, we felt no jewelry captured the quiddity of our travel on the highway, which led us to craft our unique designs,” conveys Calduch. This impetus is reflected in the collection’s adornments including chains, amulets, rings, and keychains, all featuring TwoJeys’ signature twin stars, offering distinct panache.

Interlacing the grit of American automotive heritage with frontier-inspired emblems, the Zara x TwoJeys collection assembles outfits for the earthbound risk-taker. Reflecting the eclectic and daring dispositions of Generation Z fashion statements, the assortment includes knits and jerseys imprinted with characteristics of tactility, patina, and life’s voyages.

Denims, jackets, t-shirts, and additional items within the range testify to the histories and quests of its bearer. Joan Margarit reveals, “In collaboration with Zara, our crafted series channels our vibrancy and the rapids of existence. It’s sturdy, bold, and unconfined: with TwoJeys, existence roars forward unabated.”

The adventurous spirit inherent to TwoJeys is vivid within the campaign’s imagery, with Glen Luchford’s cinematographic skill highlighting rugged terrains and dynamic vitality. California’s iconic thoroughfares and curbside cafes act as the idyllic backdrops to the narrative of exploration and boundless freedom that is interwoven throughout the garments.

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