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    Will Sharpe Presents Wonderland, Rocks Fashion-Forward Outfits

    Will Sharpe graces the cover of the summer 2023 edition of Wonderland magazine in a stylish Alexander McQueen jumper paired with a Hublot timepiece. Photo by Buzz White / Wonderland

    The spotlight on Will Sharpe in the summer 2023 release of Wonderland showcases the versatile creativity of the English performer, author, and filmmaker. Adorning the front of the magazine, Sharpe is a striking figure in a chic Alexander McQueen jumper, beautifully complemented by the sophistication of a Hublot wristwatch. Hairstylist Liz Taw completes his look with a sleek, slicked-back hairstyle exuding an aura of refinement.

    Will Sharpe sports a striking Zegna tee paired with Tondolo pants. Photos by Buzz White / Wonderland

    Photographer Buzz White, who is part of One Represents, captures the audience’s gaze. By masterfully manipulating the studio lighting, he creates a range of profound, expressive shadows that cast Sharpe in a captivating light. It showcases how the camera can skillfully unveil subtleties that words sometimes fail to capture.

    Dressed in an oversized AMI jacket, Will Sharpe graces the luxurious pages of Wonderland. Photo by Buzz White / Wonderland

    Stylist Doug Broad also plays a notable role in shaping the visual story. His curation of cutting-edge designs from sought-after labels such as AMI, Zegna, and Ferragamo offers a tantalizing preview of what awaits us in the upcoming fall fashion season.

    Actor Will Sharpe is seen wearing a purple Louis Vuitton coat. Photo by Buzz White / Wonderland

    In his discussion with Wonderland, Sharpe provides a glimpse into his portrayal of Ethan on The White Lotus, delving into what makes his character so intriguing. Describing Ethan as a “morally ambiguous” figure, Sharpe breaks away from the conventional stereotypes.

    “He doesn’t fit into the typical super geek or the caricatured villain,” Sharpe elaborates. Instead, he is a multifaceted character that demands a nuanced portrayal.

    Adorned in an Emporio Armani coat paired with a Hublot timepiece, Will Sharpe is set for his close-up. Photo by Buzz White / Wonderland

    Sharpe’s remarks emphasize his pursuit of layered, intricate roles that transcend superficial traits. “I believe every actor, irrespective of their background, craves depth and complexity. That’s all there is to it, really. Anyone should have the opportunity to delve into any type of character. It’s enriching when you’re tasked with embodying a character where your ethnicity or physical appearance plays no role.”

    In the forefront, Will Sharpe is styled in Ferragamo and Zegna outfits. Photo by Buzz White / Wonderland

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