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“Whispering Angel Played a Crucial Role in Igniting the Rosé Movement”

Passengers seated in the luxurious United Polaris business class seats can now indulge in a glass or two of Château d’Esclans Whispering Angel Rosé through a partnership with United.

“Whispering Angel was pivotal in sparking the Rosé Movement and has become synonymous with an elegant lifestyle, so the opportunity to offer this outstanding wine to those traveling with United Polaris as they set off on their journeys is truly thrilling,” expressed Sacha Lichine, the proprietor of Château d’Esclans. “We are delighted to connect with new customers and introduce them to the allure of Provence.”

This fresh collaboration on wine is also accessible in restricted United airport lounges. In addition to receiving priority boarding and in-flight amenities like lie-flat seats with a memory foam layer and unrestricted aisle access, United Polaris passengers enjoy a more comfortable flight with cozy bedding, 16-inch high-definition touch screens, noise-cancelling headphones, considerate amenity kits, and added storage.

The culinary options comprise cheese assortments, enhanced main dishes, a selection of premium wines, and a tailored dessert from an ice cream sundae trolley.

“United Polaris provides an upscale experience and we are pleased to now exclusively serve Whispering Angel Rosé, making us the sole U.S. carrier to do so,” declared Aaron McMillan, the Managing Director of Hospitality and Planning at United. “Whispering Angel is the best-selling French wine in the United States, so we are confident that travelers will be elated to find it onboard just in time for spring break vacations.”

On average, United serves over 450,000 complimentary glasses of wine per month in United Polaris business class. The addition of Whispering Angel rosé wine to the complimentary wine selection for business class travelers is expected to elevate this number.

Image Source: Wine Spectator

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