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Unveil the Ultimate Amangiri Journey where Thrills and Well-being Converge

The Fusion of Adventure and Well-being during The Ultimate Amangiri Journey article highlights the amazing chance to escape the hustle and bustle and relish in a lavish getaway closer to home. With international voyages experiencing a surge this season, Amangiri, a distinguished desert sanctuary, introduces a three-night arrangement that merges thrill and well-being in Utah’s magnificent Red Rock Country.

The Ultimate Amangiri Journey provides visitors the opportunity to explore 900 acres of pristine wilderness, encircled by awe-inspiring rock formations and canyons. From today until October 30, 2023, travelers can partake in various activities, including a helicopter expedition of the Grand Canyon and guided visits to three acclaimed slot canyons: Rattlesnake Canyon, Owl Canyon, and their choice between Upper Antelope or Mountain Sheep canyons. Additionally, guests can relax with two 60-minute personalized massages at the spa.

Lodging options at Amangiri consist of contemporary desert view suites and Camp Sarika’s pavilion ‘glamping tents,’ both seamlessly blending with the environment. These accommodations offer opulent perks such as private lounges, personal golf carts, plunge pools, and fire pits. The resort also boasts a heated central swimming pool and an array of spa amenities and therapies, including the highly recommended Grounding Journey. With exquisite dining options and bespoke service (with a guest to service ratio of two-to-one), explorers in pursuit of a unique experience can revel in the splendor of Amangiri without the necessity of a lengthy flight.

The Ultimate Amangiri Journey package is available for $13,550 for a three-night stay. To make reservations, please visit

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