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    Unlocking the Ancient Method to Detoxify Your Mind from Sexual Thoughts for 2000 Years

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    In this video, I discuss how I recognized that I was using pornography as an unhealthy coping mechanism and share the philosophy-inspired tactics I employed to desexualize my brain. While being open about the personal nature of the topic, I aim to provide practical advice for improving mental clarity and self-control.

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    00:00 – 2000 Year Old Secret To Desexualize Your Brain
    03:08 – Reasons why desexualizing the brain matters
    06:26 – Commit to a life of Eudaimonia
    09:30 – Discipline and Routine
    10:38 – Memento Mori
    11:05 – Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People
    11:38 – Meditation & Mindfulness
    13:08 – Negative Visualization
    13:45 – Simple Pleasures

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