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Two Fresh New Substantial Rosés: Forever Young and Rumor

Upon gazing at a bottle of Forever Young or Rumor rosé wine, both hailing from the Côtes du Provence region in France, one indulges in a delightful light pink visual allure even before savoring the wine. The hue – a subtle pink rosé, evokes images of real rose blooms – especially Pink Mondial and Majolica roses. These rosé wines boast a lower alcohol content compared to other wines in the region. Hence, these Côtes du Provence Rosés have emerged as a trendy wine choice in the 21st century, particularly during Summer. While enjoying a sip, it’s nearly impossible not to reflect on their rich history and unique terroir.

An added advantage was our recent visit to Provence where we experienced the distinct climate – gentle sunlight, occasional rain showers, and cooling sea breezes, including the famous Mistral – a fierce, cold wind that heralds the transition from winter to spring, immortalized by French poets and novelists.

Provence’s history, akin to its winds, holds significant importance. In the 6th century BC, Phoenicians brought grapevines from Greece to Massalia (present-day Marseille) in southern France. The wines they crafted were once again blends of white and red grapes, naturally light in color. These delightful pink wines rapidly gained popularity across the Mediterranean. Fast forward to the present day, Provence continues to dedicate a commendable 91% of its vineyards to this wine variety due to its exceptional adaptation to the local climate. Provence remains the leading producer of rosé wines, accounting for over 80% of its total wine production.

Provençal rosé has enjoyed popularity in America for years and has experienced a revival with the introduction of the Forever Young and Rumor rosés, amalgamating fresh fruity and crisp dry flavors. These pale pink wines are expertly crafted from blends of Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, and occasionally Mourvèdre. The finish often showcases hints of red and white currant, Satsuma plum, alongside a subtle peppery note. These wines epitomize the vivacious warmth of summer, regardless of the season. Furthermore, both rosés boast unique histories that differentiate one from the other.

Forever Young originates from the Chateau Roubine estate, renowned for its extensive lineage.

The Château Roubine’s history intertwines with that of Provence since the 13th century or even earlier. Established in 1307 and one of merely 18 Cru Classé estates in Provence, the vineyard’s east-west alignment, clay-limestone soil, and natural drainage foster the growth of over 13 grape varieties, including the scarce Tibouren variety, representing only 2% of the wine production in Provence.

With a known presence since the early 14th century, Château Roubine was initially owned by the Templars before being handed over to the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem in 1307. In the 15th century, it changed hands multiple times among prominent Provençal families. Finally, in 1955, Château Roubine was recognized as one of the 23 wine estates designated by decree as a “Cru Classé” of the Côtes de Provence.

The current proprietor, Valérie Rousselle, breathed new life into the revered Château Roubine estate upon assuming ownership in 1994. She expanded the estate, transitioned to biodynamic viticulture, invested in cutting-edge equipment, and commenced the production of award-winning Rosé.

Subsequently, Bethenny Frankel, an accomplished entrepreneur, TV producer, bestselling author, philanthropist, beauty influencer, and mother, was drawn to the exceptional quality of the bespoke wine created by Chateau Roubine. Together, Valérie and Bethenny elevated Forever Young to new heights.

Emphasizing harmony and coexistence with nature, sustainable agriculture is at the core of this winery. The environmentally conscious approach integrated at every production stage underscores the respect for the natural environment and its equilibrium.

And then there is RUMOR Rosé – blending 60% Grenache, 35% Cinsault, 3% Syrah, 1% Mourvèdre, 1% Tibouren. All the grapes utilized are organically cultivated, resulting in a dry flavor profile devoid of any bitterness. RUMOR, with zero residual sugar, offers a light, flavorful experience, boasting a classic pale pink tint that exudes delicate citrus and fruity aromas. This easy-drinking rosé boasts an alcohol by volume (abv) of 13% and delivers a clean and well-defined mouthfeel from the initial sip to the lingering finish.

A fusion of elegance and lightness, RUMOR presents an effortless rosé experience, combining delicate citrus and fruity nuances with a balanced crisp and dry conclusion, suitable for any occasion and weather conditions. The latest vintage mirrors the past season in Provence marked by notably hot and dry weather. However, the terroirs situated in the winery’s inner valleys benefitted from timely showers at the onset of September, enabling the grapes to achieve optimal ripeness. Best enjoyed chilled, RUMOR proves to be a versatile rosé companion to various dishes in Provençal cuisine, tapas, vegetables, or grilled seafood.

Barry Bayat, the founder of RUMOR, embarked on a quest to Côtes de Provence in search of the perfect winemaker and cuvée. His journey encompassed several winery tours, vineyard inspections, and tasting sessions. Eventually, he arrived at the village of Flassans-sur-Issole, nestled in the Var hills of southern France.

The grapes cultivated here achieve the ideal acidity balance for the palate, as RUMOR’s winemakers meticulously select the varietals and curate a blend of grapes that truly reflect Provence – including Grenache, Vermentino, Cinsault, Shiraz, and Tibourin. Grapes are harvested at optimal temperatures, fermentation is carefully managed, and minimal human intervention is employed during processing.

At Rumor, the rosé is crafted from vegan, organic, chemical-free grapes with no residual sugar. Furthermore, the vineyard is diligently tended according to organic principles and with deep regard for the Mediterranean ecosystem. In order to uphold centuries-old winemaking traditions and preserve the delicate flavors of each grape variety, the use of fertilizers, pesticides, or insecticides is strictly prohibited throughout the making of Rumor.

These eco-friendly practices culminate in a refined, harmonious, and enjoyable rosé. Appreciated by wine connoisseurs across Europe and now in America, the wine’s elegant flavor profile captivates the palate. Today, RUMOR stands as a vegan, organic offering available in eleven countries. It embodies the essence of taste success, with each sip transporting enthusiasts to the picturesque vineyards of Provence and the refreshing breezes of the Mediterranean.

With both rosés, their terroirs and histories resonate through the senses of color, taste, and aroma, crafting enduring, immersive experiences that truly encapsulate the flavor nuances of Côtes du Provence.

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