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    Top Picks: Stylish and Practical Wallets and Card Holders for Men

    Time to refresh my wallet, so I wanted to run through some of the most stylish and functional options for men’s wallets with you guys at different price points!

    #mensFashion #mensStyle #oneDapperStreet

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    Links to shop the pieces down below:

    Flat Card holder Wallet

    $450 Brunello

    $175 Smythson Simple Card Holder

    Slim Wallets

    $79 Ekster Wallet

    $93 Ridge Wallet
    Hayvenhurst $27.97 Ridge Alternative

    Slim Wallets + Money Clip (NO SOLO MONEY CLIPS)

    $355 LV Card Holder w Money Clip

    $59 Leather Card Wallet w money clip

    $22.99 LV wallet alternative Claasico

    Bifold Cards

    $540 Tom Ford Simple

    $129 Bellboy Tom Ford Medium Quality

    Bifold Cash

    $363 Burberry Bifold

    Leatherology $100

    Polo $100 Budget designer

    Herschel $25.90


    $310 Acne Trifold


    Apple $59 MagSafe Wallet


    FTC: This video is not sponsored. I do however make revenue from the ads that were played and the affiliate links to the products listed above.

    Credit: YouTube/One Dapper Street

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