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    Top 8 Finest Men’s Urban Bikes For City Exploration

    Image Source: Ground Picture / Shutterstock

    If you are a fan of embarking on two-wheeled journeys in search of excitement and are presently on the lookout for a new bicycle, there is a plethora of impressive urban bikes available. To simplify your search, take a look at our selection of the top 8 men’s urban bikes perfect for urban adventures below:

    State Bicycle Co Urban Bike

    Embodying a timeless appeal, this Black & Tan bike with chrome accents from State Bicycle Co features mustache bars, a coaster brake, new 35c tires, and even a built-in bottle opener, exuding a retro charm on this ultra-light cruiser.

    purchase now | $389.99

    Brooklyn Bicycle Co Bedford 8 Speed

    Ideal for city travel, the Bedford 8 from Brooklyn Bicycle Co is a practical commuter bike beckoning riders to effortlessly navigate through town. Its classic diamond frame paired with vegan leather saddle and grips make it stand out as a stylish urban ride.

    purchase now | $599.99

    Public V7 Bike

    Crafted around a classic diamond frame, the PUBLIC V7 is constructed from durable and lightweight steel, boasting a versatile Shimano MegaRange 1×7 drivetrain ideal for conquering various terrains from city streets to hilly roads. Its puncture-resistant tires ensure a smooth ride over rough urban surfaces.

    purchase now | $599.99

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