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    Thompson Hotel In Austin Is A Perfect Fusion Of Southern Hospitality And Modern Luxury

    Austin is not just the capital of Texas, it’s a city where the spirit of live music mingles with the buzz of tech giants and the laid-back charm of Southern hospitality. In the heart of this cultural blend sits the Thompson Hotel, a haven where modern luxury seamlessly blends with Austin’s unique character.

    Step into the Thompson and be immersed in a symphony of light and texture. The soaring atrium is bathed in sun-kissed warmth from floor-to-ceiling windows, while mid-century modern furnishings dance with contemporary art to create a polished yet inviting space. Local limestone walls add a touch of history, and bursts of vibrant color inject a playful Austin vibe.

    Each guest room is a carefully curated haven. Plush king-sized beds promise restful slumber, while expansive windows offer breathtaking panoramas of the city’s twinkling skyline. The sleek bathrooms are adorned with spa-quality amenities, and locally-sourced artwork adorns the walls, serving as a reminder of the city just beyond your door.

    The hotel offers 229 spacious guest rooms and upscale suites, designed with warm hues, residential touches, and decadent bedding, ensuring a haven of comfort. The Upper Stories multi-room suites on the topmost floor offer unparalleled luxury experiences with indulgences such as pre-arrival grocery stocking, in-room massages, and personalized VIP concierge service.

    Wax Myrtle’s, located on the fourth floor, is a vibrant oasis with lush greenery surrounding an indoor bar and dining area, as well as an outdoor patio bar, pool, and pool deck promising endless good times.

    Executive Chef Nick Erven’s menu at Wax Myrtle’s is a Baja-meets-Lone Star love story, featuring bold West Texan flavors in chilled seafood, coastal classics, and shareable plates.

    The Diner Bar, adjacent to the lobby, bursts with lively energy, serving up a range of seasonal Southern dishes with a Texan twist, helmed by James Beard Award-winning chef Mashama Bailey.

    For a taste of Savannah’s acclaimed Grey restaurant, head to The Grey Market Austin, where Port City Southern fare takes center stage.

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    The fitness center at the Thompson caters to every level, offering a space to invigorate your body, clear your mind, and embrace the Austin spirit of active living.

    The Thompson Hotel is not just a luxurious place to rest your head; it’s a haven of harmony, where Southern hospitality meets modern sophistication. Come experience Austin harmony at the Thompson Hotel.

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