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This Is The Best Time Of The Year At This Massachusetts Restaurant

Christmas has arrived early this year at an Italian restaurant in Weymouth, Mass. that has already taken the South Shore by storm serving up some of the state’s best Italian food.

Decked out for the holidays in the most spectacular way, The Venetian’s mesmerizing interior is a true winter wonderland. Nearly 6,000 brightly colored ornaments have been strung and hang from the ceiling in the most eye-popping fashion.

Designed in partnership with local South Shore florist, Beach Plum Floral of Marshfield, Mass., the magical restaurant has already garnered lots of attention.

In addition to the oversized ornaments and gorgeously wrapped gift baskets hanging from the ceilings with garland, the brilliant dining room features an illuminated Christmas tree while the bar area hosts a family of polar bears. With Christmas music playing in the background, a bustling interior filled with smiling servers and awe-struck children and their families taking in the joy of the season, it would be nearly impossible to not have a good time here.

Executive Chef Paul King and his talented team of professionals impressively churn out consistently amazing Italian fare here every night despite being filled to capacity.

Start off with one of their signature cocktails like the Limoncello Spritz or a creative specialty like “Santa’s Little Helper,” their fun holiday take on an espresso martini served with a cute little candy cane.

Friendly servers are extremely knowledgeable of the menu, offering recommendations and answering questions. A visit here would be remiss without sampling their famous crispy mozzarella.

Instead of traditional cheese sticks, envision two enormous squares of cheese. They’re too big to pull apart with your hands, so when you cut into the lightly breaded and fried exterior, a gooey, melt-in-your-mouth center oozes onto your plate.

Complemented by a side of homemade marinara sauce, this appetizer is so addictingly good, it’s hard to save room for anything else.

Some other favorites include crave-worthy calamari served with a side of spicy aioli for dipping.

When torn apart, pillowy garlic knots reveal a soft center to dip into the side of tangy marinara.

For main events, you won’t want to miss trying one of their homemade pasta dishes.

The hearty Bolognese made with braised beef, veal, and pork just might be the best dish on the South Shore.

Other pasta specialties include rigatoni alla vodka, seafood fra diavolo, and their signature Sunday gravy.

For the ultimate wow factor, try the bone-in veal Milanese.

The jaw-dropping dish is topped with fresh cherry tomatoes, arugula, basil and melted mozzarella served with a side of fresh homemade spaghetti.

It’s nearly impossible, but you definitely want to save room for dessert. There is a fresh cannoli trio (chocolate chip, hazelnut, and pistachio), crème brulee, and tiramisu, but the real standout here is the “big chocolate cake.” Designed with the ultimate chocoholic in mind, this ginormous slice features layers upon layers of moist chocolate cake and rich chocolate frosting.

Don’t just take our word for it. You have to see the restaurant to truly experience the full magic of the season.

The Holiday Pop Up can be enjoyed now through January 31. Reservations can be made on online using OpenTable or by calling the restaurant at 781.337.4363.

The Venetian is located at 909 Broad Street in Weymouth, Mass.

Image Source: Ilona Kozhevnikova @ShutterStock

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