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    The Rising Trend of Overshirts

    The Popularity Of The Overshirt – In this video the British Dapper discusses the overshirt.

    He discusses the history of the overshirt, created for use by railways workers and engineers in the 1800s in France. This garment spread in popularity around the world and is now commonly known as a chore jacket. how it inspired generation in the late 50’s and 6o’s to wear this very robust workman’s garment in a casual manner.

    He talks about the Pendleton board shirt and the continued suggest of the company and the continued influence of this shirt/jacket style. How it is very popular in the UK presently and how as a casual statement piece it can be used to upgrade with ease from that jeans, t shirt or hoody look.

    In his no frills approach he talks about the modern use of a overshirt in a sartorial setting for that casual situation.

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    Credit: YouTube/The British Dapper

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