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    The Following Level Of Grill: Pig Beach Palm Beach

    Barbecue exists, and then there’s Pig Beach Palm Beach.

    For those who haven’t encountered the tastes of this beloved West Palm Beach establishment, get ready for a delightful experience.

    Co-workers Rob Shawger, Shane McBride, and Matt Abdoo (a seasoned eight-year veteran of Del Posto) converted the former CrossFit gym into the latest branch of yet another New York idea finding its way to Palm Beach County.

    What sets Pig Beach apart is that it’s not your usual grill selection. Yes, you’ll discover the classic mouth-watering essentials like shredded pig coated in a zesty vinegar dressing, and creamy mac and cheese, but the real stars here are some of their award-winning specialties.

    For instance, Chef Jeff’s smoked beef boasts a globally acclaimed grill sauce; little back ribs are coated with a competition-style peach and sweet honey glaze; and the significant beef ribs come with a “hidden blend” of flavors.

    Inside, a vibrant, industrial-style decor shows off an open kitchen, garage doors that swing open for open-air dining, pig-shaped lights brightening the walls, and large TV screens for catching up on the latest match.

    Each table is equipped with a roll of paper towels, hinting at what’s to follow. This is the kind of casual place where you simply roll your sleeves up and get ready to dive in.

    Pig Beach offers an excellent assortment of local brews and artisanal cocktails. We suggest kicking things off with a Mermaid Juice or maybe Civil Society Brewing’s Beach Access Lager. Don’t forget to pair your drink with their unique smoked chicken wings, available with a BBQ buffalo dressing or a flavorful dry rub made with their special spice mix. Their tangy Alabama white dressing was the ideal complement. Another standout was the smoked cheddar and jalapeno sausage.

    You can also choose from various grill selections (like single, double, and triple burgers topped with a secretive sauce; and an all-beef frank creatively paired with cherry pepper relish, pickled jalapeño or shredded pig). For vegetarians, they provide an Impossible Burger “with all the fixings.”

    Uncommon discoveries include The Rieder, a stuffed peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich on griddled Texas toast with crispy bacon on top; and a grill-cooked jackfruit sandwich with bell pepper vinegar coleslaw.

    If you’re undecided on what to get, take a look at the Sampler Platter, offering a bit of everything, including a generous sampling of little back ribs, shredded pig, smoked beef, smoked turkey, and a smoked cheddar and jalapeno sausage link. On your table, you’ll discover an array of homemade dressings, like Championship Mustard and Rob’s Righteous Red, meant for slathering.

    An extensive array of accompaniments includes options ranging from home-made pickles, BBQ beans, and cornbread to shredded pig-topped french fries, collard greens, and a smoky potato salad from the grill master.

    If you’re a barbecue enthusiast like us, make sure to explore their online shop to have their distinct grill sauces, spice blends, and recipe guide mailed right to your door.

    Find Pig Beach BBQ at 2400 S. Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach.

    Image Source: Big Peach BBQ

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