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The Coolector’s Review of ARB Earth Camper

Presenting the Earth Camper by ARB, an impressive inaugural entry in the recreational vehicle (RV) sector. Leveraging nearly half a century of expertise in the 4×4 domain, ARB has crafted a sturdy and versatile off-road camper trailer that embodies both compactness and feature-rich design.

Inaugurated in 2016, the genesis of the Earth Camper aimed to furnish ARB patrons with an ultimate outdoor escapade. This camper trailer provides opulent facilities that enable explorers to journey into remote terrains usually unreachable by conventional vehicles, let alone those towing a trailer.

Renowned for conceiving, manufacturing, and delivering premier products globally, ARB utilized their adept workforce in steel fabrication and suspension production for the camper’s development. They oversaw the creation of pivotal elements like the chassis, suspension, electrical systems, and windows. Nonetheless, they collaborated with adept third-party suppliers specializing in diesel heaters, fibreglass walls and roofs, and hot water kits.

ARB poured substantial resources into the advancement and machinery/tooling required for the Earth Camper. For example, they procured a hydraulically-driven bender for managing larger tube sizes, instead of an electric variant. Additionally, they introduced an E-coat coating procedure, akin to that in the automotive sector, for the chassis. The chassis then receives a robust, stone-resistant poly paint spray that ensures exceptional rust prevention and enduring sturdiness.

The Earth Camper epitomizes ARB’s prowess, amalgamating their vast knowledge and experience from diverse product sectors into a single, potent off-road trailer. For those seeking a camper trailer to traverse the most distant corners of the globe, the Earth Camper stands out as a prime option. It flaunts premium materials, precise craftsmanship, and an array of features enriching your camping sojourn.

[Leo Davie]( is the proprietor of The Status Life and delights in chronicling his interests, as well as things that captivate him.

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