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    The Coolector showcases the 8BitDo Vintage Mechanical Keyboard

    Presenting the 8BitDo Mechanical Keyboard, an essential item for aficionados of classic video gaming. This keyboard not only comes loaded with features and functionality but also flaunts a stylish Game Boy appearance. Offered in two versions, N and Fami, this meticulously designed keyboard delivers an ideal blend of excellence and practicality. It can be linked via Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless, or traditional wired connections.

    For a modest price of $99, the Vintage Mechanical Keyboard from 8BitDo boasts PBT dye-sublimation keycaps and a top-mount design, ensuring a durable and smooth typing encounter. Featuring an independent control interface, executing shortcuts is a breeze with a simple twist and click, akin to the 8BitDo Arcade Stick.

    The keyboard’s uniquely crafted 8BitDo Dual Super Buttons provide sizable customizable keys, enabling you to assign macros or instantly allocate functions to them with no need for additional software. You can link up to four key sets (one set included). The Enhanced Software V2 streamlines the process of configuring your customizable keys, swapping key configurations on the fly, and utilizing potent macro capabilities.

    If you have an affinity for retro technology aesthetics, you will admire the 8BitDo Vintage Mechanical Keyboard. Its iconic Game Boy-inspired look will definitely captivate retro gaming fans. What’s more? You can incorporate it into your work area for less than $100. Therefore, if you aspire to cultivate a vintage, stylish ambiance in your office, this keyboard is an impeccable choice for you.

    Writer: Leo Davie

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