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The Coolector | Mini Countryman Electric Hybrid

Opting for a spontaneous journey back to our roots in the Peak District, we were graciously provided with the new MINI Countryman Electric Hybrid. As the saying goes, good things do indeed come in compact packages. Despite being named MINI, the Countryman certainly lives up to its name and proved to be the ideal companion for exploring the picturesque green landscapes around Bakewell and the Peaks in the UK.

The MINI Countryman Electric Hybrid is priced from £38k and boasts an impressive design both internally and externally. Carrying a generous amount of luggage for our Peak District adventure, this compact vehicle handled everything effortlessly – especially with the addition of the official MINI Roof Rack, which proved to be quite useful. Offering ample space for passengers, the MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid SUV equips you with the spirit needed for various escapades while emitting lower emissions along the way.

This top-notch vehicle from MINI operates on a combination of a combustion engine and an electric motor, providing an electrifying experience for your daily commutes and thrilling getaways, like our journey through the hilly terrains of the Peak District. Rarely will you find a more intelligent car than the MINI Countryman Plug-in Hybrid, fueled by a cutting-edge lithium-ion battery that excels in performance and longevity, thanks to its advanced cooling system that maintains optimal temperature.

With the ability to travel up to 26 miles in electric mode without producing any local CO2 emissions, it serves as a reliable backup if you’re distant from a gas station. The transition between eDrive and petrol mode is seamless and entirely automated, ensuring a smooth ride. Whether you’re carrying strollers, luggage, or even a furry companion, the MINI Countryman Plug-in Hybrid offers adaptable space for all your road trip essentials (up to 1000L of space with folded seats), complemented by its excellent handling and tech features at The Status Life.

Internally, the MINI Countryman we took on our road trip to the Peak District exceeded our expectations with innovative additions like parking assistance, rearview camera, and a 6.5″ touch screen display that illuminates the car both literally and figuratively. It was our initial experience with the Countryman, and we were thoroughly impressed by its spaciousness and first-class comfort, especially during a lengthy journey. Highly recommended.

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