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The Chosen Wines Among Gen-Z

Image Source: Unsplash

In the wake of the recent publication of the latest “State of the U.S. Wine Industry” report and subsequent coverage in The New York Times-The Pour, Rob McMillan and Eric Asimov highlight the importance of the $15 price point in appealing to younger wine consumers. Nevertheless, value is not the sole criterion. When Gen Z individuals purchase wine, they also look for qualities such as quality, sense of origin, sustainability, and social accountability from their preferred brands. These wineries, which are family-owned and led by women, practice sustainable farming and collaborate with non-profit organizations to preserve the environment and encourage biodiversity, making them an excellent choice for socially conscious customers. Moreover, the selected wines are priced affordably and meet the expectations of Gen-Z consumers.

Tilia Malbec 2021 ($11) – Argentina

Tilia became the first winery to feature the Bodegas de Argentina (BdA) certified sustainability emblem on its label, signifying adherence to Argentina’s Sustainability Protocol. Among their various sustainable undertakings, they offer educational and social programs for the local community’s welfare. For example, they provide summer school programs for the children of harvest laborers. This initiative has led to a 20% increase in female participation during the harvest.

Quinta de Chocopalha Arinto Branco 2020 ($15) – Portugal

This crisp white wine, made by Sandra Tavares da Silva, showcases the purity of Arinto grapes sourced from vineyards in northwest of Lisbon. Sandra is a pioneering female winemaker in the Douro valley and manages Quinta de Chocapalha, which is a family-owned property jointly operated by Sandra, her sibling, and their parents.

Bodegas Borsao Rosé 2022 ($11) – Spain

Crafted from 100% Garnacha grapes in the Campo de Borja DO, this refreshing rosé reflects Bodegas Borsao’s commitment to sustainability. The winery is entirely powered by renewable energy sources since 2021, incorporating wind farms and solar panels. They represent numerous growers who are also shareholders, demonstrating a collaborative approach towards organic conversion.

Château de Fontenille Entre-deux-Mers Blanc 2021 ($15) – France

The vineyards of Château de Fontenille, nestled in the gravelly terroirs of Bordeaux since the 13th century, have a rich history. These vineyards were once tended to by monks from the adjacent Abbaye de la Sauve Majeure monastery. Today, the estate dedicates nearly 42 acres to different grape varieties, continuing the tradition of producing exceptional wines.

Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc 2022 ($15) – New Zealand

Hailing from vineyards across Marlborough, this intense Sauvignon Blanc is a testament to Villa Maria’s commitment to sustainability. They have undertaken various initiatives such as planting native wildflower species to enhance soil health and implement efficient water irrigation systems. The winery is also supporting the Billion Oyster Project, a non-profit initiative in New York City for oyster reef restoration.

Yalumba Y Series Viognier 2021 ($15) – Australia

Yalumba, Australia’s oldest family-owned winery in its sixth generation, boasts extensive experience with Viognier grapes. Since 2012, all Yalumba wines have been vegan-friendly, reflecting the winery’s dedication to ethical practices. Louisa Rose, the chief winemaker, has garnered global acclaim for her expertise.

Fat Bastard Pinot Noir 2021 ($14) – France

Produced in collaboration with Gabriel Meffre in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, Fat Bastard wines are known for their full-bodied and fruity profile. Véronique Torcolacci, an enology graduate from the University of Toulouse, has over two decades of winemaking experience and is actively engaged in promoting sustainable development in the Languedoc vineyards.

Librandi Ciro Rosso 2021 ($15) – Italy

The Librandi family, spanning four generations, has made significant contributions to conserving indigenous vines in Calabria. Their vineyard is a haven for approximately 200 indigenous grape varieties, particularly Gaglioppo, which is used to create this wine. It is fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks to retain its fresh and vibrant character.

Zenato Pinot Grigio 2022 ($13) – Italy

A historic family winery renowned for their Amarone, Zenato produces a classic Pinot Grigio from Veneto with citrus and floral notes. Nadia Zenato, who grew up amid the vineyards, now oversees the vineyard operations while her brother Alberto manages the winemaking.

Gai’a Monograph Moschofilero 2022 ($13) – Greece

Gai’a, operating in Santorini and Nemea, is recognized for crafting cutting-edge wines. This intensely floral wine is sourced from vineyards in the Arcadian plateaus of the Mantinia region in Peloponnese and is the brainchild of Yiannis Paraskevopoulous, a renowned enology professor, and his daughter Leto.

Clean Slate Riesling 2021 ($12) – Germany

Named after the slate soils of the Mosel Valley, this Riesling features peach and lime flavors with a hint of minerals. Its lower alcohol content and delicate sweetness make it a versatile choice for various occasions.

Root:1 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2019 ($13) – Chile

Root:1 is the first Chilean winery to obtain 100% sustainability certification from Wines of Chile. They have also implemented carbon offset measures and prioritize energy conservation. Additionally, they recycle water used in the winemaking process for irrigation, demonstrating a commitment to preserving native flora and fauna.

Image Source: Unsplash

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