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    The Chef Truck at Park MGM in Las Vegas Unveils Fresh Culinary Partnership

    A new endeavor called The Chef Truck, established by acclaimed Chef Roy Choi and writer, filmmaker, and performer Jon Favreau, has been launched at Park MGM in Las Vegas. This mobile eatery symbolizes the culinary alliance that originated from the hit film ‘Chef’ and continues to flourish in the widely embraced Netflix series “The Chef Show.”

    Patrons at Park MGM now have the chance to relish the dishes featured in the movie ‘Chef’ and ‘The Chef Show’ by paying a visit to The Chef Truck. The selection includes highlighted items such as the Cubano, an exquisite grilled cheese sandwich, and the renowned chocolate molten cake. Furthermore, the truck showcases fresh collaborative innovations by Choi and Favreau on its breakfast, lunch, and dinner offerings, featuring a variety of vegetarian options.

    Choi stated, “For ten years, Jon had persistently proposed the idea of starting a restaurant together, to which I consistently declined. I comprehended the difficulties of managing a restaurant and didn’t want it to affect our friendship. However, with Park MGM as our collaborator, I felt that the time was opportune to finalize the trilogy. We began with the Chef movie, subsequently came the Chef Show, and now, The Chef Truck. It all feels right, and we hope everyone loves it!”

    “Establishing a restaurant with Chef Roy Choi has been a long-held aspiration since our initial collaboration. Over the past decade, we have worked together on pop-ups, and now we have a permanent establishment where people can finally enjoy the food we have been creating together,” added Favreau.

    Josef Wagner, Vice President of Food & Beverage at Park MGM, commented, “Roy and Jon are dominant figures in their respective domains, so when they join forces to execute a concept, they commit wholeheartedly, from in-depth research and development to design and execution. Guests and visitors at Park MGM are in for an exceptional experience when they visit The Chef Truck.”

    Located in close proximity to the resort’s lively casino floor, The Chef Truck provides an array of signature items from the silver screen, in addition to innovative collaborative creations by Choi and Favreau. This marks Chef Choi’s second culinary concept in Las Vegas, following the debut of his Korean BBQ concept Best Friend at Park MGM in December 2018. Best Friend showcases the food truck icon’s reimagined portrayal of Los Angeles on The Strip.

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