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    The Cap with Coke

    The Coke Hat

    In today’s video, the British Dapper looks at the Coke hat. Commonly known as the bowler hat. He travels to Holkham Hall in Norfolk, which is the birthplace or the inspiration for the Coke (bowler) hat. He traces the history of the Coke hat and its creation and talks about its common use, even to this day. Whilst Holkham Hall was in the stewardship of the 2nd Earl of Leicester in 1849, the Earl’s younger brother approached his hat maker (Lock & Co) with a commission to create a hat that was cheaper than the top hats traditionally worn by the estate gamekeepers, shorter in height, tight fitting, and firm enough to take a few blows and maintain its shape whilst providing protection for the wearer.

    The bowler brothers were given the task to create the prototype, and the rest is history. The British Dapper talks briefly about the Cavalry march though Hyde Park held on every 2nd Sunday in the month of May, where the various cavalry units and associations wear bowler hats and carry umbrellas under their arms.

    He also gives a brief tour of Holkham hall and the things they have available to the public, which he noted on his day at the hall.

    We hope you enjoy the video and please feel free to share with your family and friends or people you feel might benefit from its content.

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    Credit: YouTube/The British Dapper

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