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The Bright Summer Look by YOOX

Embracing the sun-drenched days of summer, YOOX introduces a refreshing twist to beach attire. Focusing on vibrant colors and a playful spirit, they are ushering in the essence of the season. Leading the way is model Louis Joseph, exuding effortless charm like a gentle summer breeze in this editorial feature.

Basking under the radiant sun and against the picturesque sea backdrop, Louis epitomizes the distinctive YOOX beach style. The azure skies, sandy shores, and inviting waters provide a vibrant setting for the meticulously curated selection of ensembles.

YOOX’s Beachwear Collection for Summer 2023

This array showcases luxuriously soft, airy fabrics inspired by the kaleidoscope of hues seen during sunsets. From delicate shades of peaches and pinks to bright oranges and yellows, culminating in the deep indigo of dusk, YOOX presents a compelling array of outfits mirroring the stunning beach vistas.

Featuring an array of renowned labels like Balenciaga, Dries Van Noten, and Gucci, YOOX offers a diverse range of items. From stylish hats and comfortable slides to trendy swim shorts, the collection caters to various tastes, ensuring that YOOX patrons exude sophistication even as they relax on the sandy beaches.

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