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The Bowlus Volterra, All-Electric Recreational Vehicle Emerges As The Future Generation Automobile

For those who appreciate nature and embarking on journeys along the open road seeking thrills but desire to do so with elegance, the team at Bowlus presents to you the Volterra™, the pioneer all-electric RV globally. This opulent travel trailer showcases completely electric power with a 100% surge in battery capacity compared to prior models, and the initial utilization of AeroSolar™ technology in the RV sector. When combined, these deluxe features offer the ability to remain off-grid indefinitely.

The Bowlus Volterra ™ All-Electric RV does not come at a low cost, as is expected for such a multifunctional living solution, with costs commencing at $310k. This marks the first travel trailer featuring an induction cooktop and the inaugural RV designed for high-speed satellite internet connectivity. The Volterra™ also introduces a novel backup camera, a 150% increase in freshwater storage capacity, and a lavish limited-edition color palette that we admire here at The Status Life.

The most prominent design feature of this infinitely sophisticated, luxurious trailer is certainly the fact that it is entirely powered by electricity. As the trend towards sustainable living gains traction, you can take comfort in the absence of pollution from generators and propane off-gassing in the Volterra™. Coupled with the quiet operation of electric power, this is particularly suited for individuals with sensitivities to chemicals.

Equipped with 17 kWh of lithium iron phosphate batteries – representing a more than 100% escalation in battery capacity from the Terra Firma. Additionally, it includes 20A outlets for emergency EV charging, extending the emergency EV charging distance to an estimated 65 miles owing to the expanded battery capacity. The AeroSolar technology charges while driving and while camping, eliminating the need for setup or activation. This presents the apex of user experience. Seeking an eco-conscious trailer? You need not look beyond Volterra™.

Image Source: New Atlas

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