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Terre et Sang Reveals Lavish Tasting Venue In Los Olivos for Wine Aficionados

Dalita and Duncan Harmon have always harbored a passion for wine. In 2019, the dynamic duo decided to transform their enthusiasm into a familial enterprise. They settled in Santa Barbara County, a region renowned for its exceptional vineyards, and introduced their very own wine brand under the name Terre et Sang.

Their objective was to craft terroir-driven Syrah and Grenache wines. Duncan started by producing a small batch of wine sourced from obscure vineyards and a petite section in his mother’s garden. Impressed by the outstanding quality, the duo then aimed higher and sought collaboration with prestigious vineyards like Larner, Bien Nacido, and Kimsey.

“Presenting our creations and articulating our desire for collaboration was a gratifying experience,” shared Duncan. “We were pleasantly surprised and immensely thankful when they accepted our proposal.”

Focusing on meticulous attention to detail, the Harmons aspired for their wines to mirror their dedicated labor, authenticity, and the shared endeavor invested in elevating the quality of each vintage. Having successfully produced several harvests, the Harmons inaugurated Terre et Sang On Grand in the bustling heart of Los Olivos. This establishment functions as a tasting venue and a platform showcasing their unique wines, which have rapidly developed a devoted following. The historically significant property, dating back to 1905, has been rejuvenated with the Harmons’ distinctive modernistic touch and features a serene garden space enveloped by olive trees.

“I aim to ignite excitement over our endeavors,” expressed Duncan. “I want people to develop a deep appreciation for the wine and the brand as a whole, encompassing the narrative, philosophy, and production process.”

The Terre et Sang wines are meticulously crafted in limited quantities, highly coveted, and have garnered critical acclaim. The wine selection encompasses esteemed labels such as Kissing Vipers Bien Nacido Grenache, Leave it to the Birds Peake Ranch Grenache, The Patriarch Larner Vineyard Syrah, Passenger Syrah, The Shadow Bien Nacido Syrah, and X Block Bien Nacido Syrah. These vineyards are situated within the appellations of Santa Maria Valley, Sta. Rita Hills, Ballard Canyon, and Santa Barbara County.

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