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    Spectre: Rolls-Royce’s Futuristic All-Electric Super Coupé


    Rolls-Royce has recently completed an exceptional testing program for its all-electric super coupe, Spectre, covering a distance equivalent to over 400 years of use. The rigorous testing involved subjecting Spectre to extreme temperatures ranging from -40°F to +122°F and various challenging conditions including snowy landscapes, deserts, high mountain passes, and bustling city environments. Rolls-Royce engineers meticulously observed, analyzed, and fine-tuned Spectre’s 141,200 digital sender-receiver relations and 25,000 performance-related functions, equating to over 50,000 collective hours of work.

    The thorough testing process led to numerous incremental improvements in Spectre’s performance, including its acoustic performance, cornering stability, steering precision, charge time, electric range, and torque delivery. These improvements, although individually small, have a significant cumulative effect on the overall client experience.

    In addition to the engineering aspects, Spectre also underwent Rolls-Royce’s unique Lifestyle Analysis process. This process considers how clients use their vehicles on a daily basis to ensure an authentic super-luxury experience. Rolls-Royce’s in-depth understanding of the super-luxury consumer and continuous monitoring of the luxury sector informs this additional testing program.

    Engineers studied a range of variables relevant to Rolls-Royce clients, such as how Spectre’s drivetrain performs in specific locations worldwide, including exclusive enclaves like Sanya Island in China, Dubai in the UAE, Napa Valley in California, and London in the UK. Testing also focused on maneuverability in city centers, including areas with limited space and specific access requirements. Engineers even conducted tests in Mayfair and Kensington and Chelsea, London, to ensure the rear axle steering was suitable for navigating residential streets and luxury retail locations.

    Static testing procedures addressed client concerns, such as the ability to hold a phone conversation inside the car or maintain a stable internet connection between skyscrapers. The ease of fitting long garment bags used to protect formal evening wear was also considered.

    Lifestyle Analysis testing revealed necessary adjustments to Spectre’s specification and performance. For example, after testing the power-assisted doors on steep hills similar to those found in Los Angeles, gyroscopically and G-force sensors were added to ensure consistent door opening and closing speeds regardless of parking angles. The precision of Spectre’s steering was also heavily tested at a specific corner, aptly named “Spectre Corner” within the vicinity of Rolls-Royce’s home in Goodwood, West Sussex.

    The Lifestyle Analysis phase of testing was completed in London, where Spectre’s million-mile odyssey came to an end in preparation for client deliveries starting in the fourth quarter of this year.

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