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Molihua, Chefs Endowed With Michelin Recognition Unveil Their Culinary Blend In Houston

Recently unveiled in Houston, Molihua is the long-anticipated eatery spearheaded by renowned culinary artists Ho Chee Boon and Hideki Hiwatashi. Perched on the Blossom Houston’s upper deck, Molihula, synonymous with “Jasmine” in the Mandarin dialect, offers a culinary odyssey that marries Japanese gastronomy, sumptuous dim sum, and opulent sweets with elegance.

‘It thrills me to introduce Molihua to Houston’s dynamic gastronomy landscape,’ professed Chef Ho. ‘We aspire to bewitch diners with a harmonious blend of classical Japanese and Asian flavors in a sophisticated setting. Our commitment to premium components assures uniquely flavored fares, distinguishing us in the gastronomic cosmos. I am of the belief that gastronomy can bridge cultures, and Molihua’s essence is not solely in its cuisine but also in fostering social bonds and promoting unity.’

The gastronomic offerings at Molihua boast the season’s best in traditional and modern Japanese and Asian creations. Its extensive menu proffers a collection of starters, expertly crafted sushi items, and hearty noodle concoctions. Signature selections feature the Japanese A5 Wagyu Skewer, Aburi Nigiri Moriawase, Molihua Grilled Duck and Rice, capped with a tempting array of desserts.

Imbued with contemporary flair influenced by the jasmine flower, Molihua’s decor and accoutrements render a serene and inviting milieu for diners. The establishment offers varied seating arrangements like cozy booths, intimate two-seaters, counter seating, and an exclusive dining area, accommodating all forms of social engagements. The centerpiece of the banquet hall is an animated sushi bar where deft chefs craft exquisite Japanese morsels from the ocean’s bounty.

At the helm of Molihua’s culinary brigade is Chef Ho Chee Boon, who contributes over three and a half decades of expertise garnered from respected Asian dining establishments across the globe. With Chef Ho stands Chef Hideki Hiwatashi, boasting a dedication of over 30 years to perfecting kaiseki cuisine. Chef Hideki’s illustrious career includes tutelage at the acclaimed Kikunoi Roan in Kyoto and pivotal positions at celebrated eateries around the world.

The grand commencement of Molihua marks the inauguration of a novel gastronomic destination in Houston. With its inventive medley of Japanese and Asian palates, a trendy setting, and an adept cooking crew, Molihua vows to offer a dining experience that’s bound to be memorable.

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