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    Meros Yachtsharing Emerges As The Latest Deluxe Yacht

    In the realm of opulence yacht possession has taken a new guise through a triumphant yacht sharing establishment by the esteemed Luxury Lifestyle Awards in Mallorca, Spain. With an innovative yacht ownership model, Meros Yachtsharing has transformed the perception and practice of yacht investment. Presenting a selection of top-notch luxury vessels from Sunseeker, this contemporary asset co-ownership provider forged a partnership with The London Group to ensure a secure and efficient framework for luxury asset ownership. Recognized as the Best Luxury Experience in Spain, the personalized service by Meros has set a global benchmark for yacht sharing.

    The distinctive investment model by Meros merges the desire for sole ownership with the convenience of chartering. It relieves clients of the burdens of sole ownership while maintaining personalization and exclusivity, enabling them to relish the state-of-the-art tailor-made vessels without the complexities of outright ownership. The year-round maintenance of all yachts is managed by a proficient crew that delivers a 5-star dining menu and flawless hospitality at Meros standard during voyages. Servicing the European market in collaboration with the Sunseeker network, Meros Yachting operates from 40 locations, including offices in Germany, Mallorca, and the UK. With a multilingual team of experts available year-round, they cater to the diverse needs of their exclusive clientele. At Meros, yacht owners can opt for two ownership structures: Flexshare, allowing clients to own a desired percentage without legal obligations but with full enjoyment; and the quarter model, a traditional perfected offer of pro rata ship ownership. An investor can own a ¼ share in a Sunseeker yacht, granting 12 weeks of yacht utilization to realize their yachting dream.

    The personalized Meros Yachting experience goes beyond the vessels, offering a comprehensive concierge service including airport transfers, restaurant bookings, access to beach clubs, and trendy locations. It provides an array of lavish private perks such as private jets, helicopters, and exclusive treatments across Europe’s most sought-after destinations.

    Meros Yachting breathes new life into yacht ownership, infusing a complete revitalization of lifestyle in its wake.

    “We are honored to receive the esteemed Luxury Lifestyle Awards, aiming to introduce more people to the wonders of the water this year than ever before. Evolving, creating, and optimizing for our clients – a new yacht, enhanced sustainability… This is just the beginning,” expressed Martin Huber, Founder of Meros Yachtsharing.

    About Luxury Lifestyle Awards

    Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a global accolade that selects, recognizes, celebrates, and promotes premier luxury goods and services worldwide. With the objective of connecting people with the epitome of opulence, LLA has appraised over 10,000 products and services across 400 categories in 60 countries to compile a prestigious list of the world’s best. Esteemed brands like Chanel, Dom Perignon, and Ferrari have proudly claimed victory. This triumph brings companies prestige, global exposure, and access to an entirely new customer base.

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