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    Looking Back on Trends and Reflections: My 2023 Style Recap

    My 2023 Style Recap – Trends And Reflections

    In the video the British Dapper talks about what has happened on the British Dapper Channel and in the UK fashion/sartorial scene during the past 12 months. His observations of the trends and changes in the style on the high streets of the UK. He gives an overview of how The British Dapper Channel has grown in support and subscribers and the mile stones achieved during this period.

    Not many people can afford the full price of an expensive pair of shoes or boots, so this is is a more cost effective way, of achieving the same look with the same quality of items and at a more cost effective and in an economical way. He talks about some fundamental things to consider when purchasing items and highlights the recent series of 4 video related to buying thing online.

    Here is the link to Buy Me A Coffee.

    Things To Consider When Buying Online (Part 1) – Ties & Pocket Squares:
    Things To Consider When Buying Online (Part 2) – Coats & Jackets:
    Things To Consider When Buying Online (Part 3) – Trousers & Shirts:
    Things To Consider When Buying Online (Part 4) – Shoes & Boots:

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    Credit: YouTube/The British Dapper

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