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Lewis Hamilton And Kylian Mbappé Combined Efforts To Lead A RIMOWA Advertisement Initiative

The Never Still campaign by RIMOWA presents a thoughtful journey in a period where the distinction between location and intention is blurred. It takes us beyond borders, delving into the purpose behind each trip. Gone are the times when traveling was solely about destinations; now, it embodies a profound search for significance.

RIMOWA Never Still Initiative

At the helm of this RIMOWA promotion is the vision of photographer Chris Rhodes. Standing in front of his camera are individuals who embody both physical and symbolic motion—Formula 1 icon Lewis Hamilton and football prodigy Kylian Mbappé.

Both individuals already boast a passport filled with stories; Hamilton, especially, showcased his agility at the recent Zandvoort 2023 Grand Prix, sporting a dynamic attire from Tommy Jeans.

In the Never Still initiative, vibrant and cozy colors blend together in a lively setting that depicts a sense of certainty and self-belief, turning travel into an inspirational expedition. The highlighted cross-body bag and sleek cabin luggage aren’t just accessories but declarations of freedom and ambition, aligning with wider movements that emphasize functionality and elegance.

Therefore, as Lewis Hamilton transitions from the racecourse to a more introspective path, and as Kylian Mbappé opens up new opportunities, nurturing expansive aspirations through his Inspired by KM foundation, the Never Still initiative serves as a timely prompt. Life’s route isn’t solely defined by the distances traveled but by the influence left.

Image Source: sbonsi / Shutterstock

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