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    Legacy Of Land Rover Series IIa 88 Overland 1968

    The Legacy Overland 1968 Land Rover Series IIa 88 is a prime example of the timeless appeal of vintage Land Rovers. Restored and updated with modern features, this classic vehicle has been elevated for contemporary adventures. Codenamed “Project Hitchcock”, this stunning build seamlessly fuses classic elegance with modern power.

    The vehicle now boasts a robust 300 TDI engine and precise R380 gearbox, delivering enhanced reliability and unparalleled performance. Through meticulous mechanical rebuilds, galvanization, and thoughtful interior touches, this classic vehicle has been revitalized for a new era of adventure.

    Project Hitchcock features galvanized chassis and body components to prevent corrosion and ensure longevity. The interior showcases leather seats with Harris Tweed inserts, exuding classic British sophistication. A wooden-rimmed steering wheel with a custom badge pays homage to the vehicle’s storied history.

    This Land Rover includes a thoughtfully prepared tool bag, housing essential tools, and the Land Rover Series IIA & IIB Instruction Manual. The engine’s duck egg blue paint adds a vintage touch, while the R380 5-speed manual gearbox and rebuilt transfer case ensure a reliable drive. Additionally, the radiator features an intercooler and silicone tubing to optimize engine performance, with a hidden kill switch providing added security.

    This Land Rover from Legacy Overland is a testament to the workshop’s exceptional talents and is a fine example of meticulously repaired and restored old-school Land Rovers.

    Image Source: Gestalt Imagery @ShutterStock

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