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Kiton KNT Spring 2024: Informal Meets Official

In the upcoming spring and summer of 2024, the Kiton KNT compilation, crafted by the dual creators Mariano and Walter De Matteis, radiates a vibrant display of classical sophistication intertwined with a modern atmosphere.

The De Matteis twins have narrated a story of fashionable delight influenced by the picturesque island of Procida but with a contemporary spin that murmurs of a laid-back Californian chicness. In this assortment, the twins have devised an alluring fusion of history and innovation, merging the boundaries between official and informal dressing.

A captivating exhibition of flowing, unconfined suits adorns the compilation, distinguished by elongated jackets displaying sleek, easygoing lapels. The twins have harmonized each aspect, even subtly adjusting the fit to be gentler and more relaxed—a rejuvenating shift from the stiffness of conventional men’s outfits.

The De Matteis duo has introduced an inventive trouser style named the ‘WD’ model, featuring a classic front, broader leg, and an elasticated back – a stylish gesture towards comfort without relinquishing flair.

Kiton KNT Spring/Summer 2024 Compilation

The festive assortment presents evening jackets in incredibly light cool wool in addition to double-breasted and single-breasted jackets with traditional lapels, infusing an unobtrusive allure into warm summer nights.

The standout items of the collection—the spacious bomber jacket with large, cargo-influenced pockets, the well-defined cotton poplin drawstring shirt, and the adaptable puffer jacket—are exemplary instances of this fusion.

This season also marks the debut of three new slim-fit denim designs: the carrot, the multi-pocket, and the skinny fit. Maintaining the materials selection refined and simple, the pair have used a mixture of cool wool, cotton, and silk for shirts, trousers, and light knits, suitably tailored for the spring-summer climate.

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