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Key Reasons Why This Popular Asian Fusion Restaurant In Boca Raton Remains a Local Favorite

When Kapow Noodle Bar decided to move to a larger location in the Mizner Park district of Boca Raton, their goal was not only to expand their presence but also to offer diners an exceptional dining experience.

Having been a beloved establishment since 2011, the new venue allowed them to double their seating capacity and introduce an enhanced menu along with a high-quality selection of sake. (Kapow also has a second branch in West Palm Beach).

The 5,175-square-foot establishment managed by the Sub-Culture Group now boasts an omakase bar, a bar that wraps around both indoors and outdoors, three karaoke rooms, and a patio area for outdoor dining.

Upon entering the lively restaurant, guests are greeted with a sense of anticipation. The stylish interior features captivating murals by local artists infused with a Southeast Asian flair. The menu offers traditional favorites as well as unconventional discoveries, including an omakase tasting experience.

Commence your culinary journey with one of their unique cocktails such as a Mai Tai or a flavorful and spirited creation with inventive names like our top choice – the Spicy Lover made with cilantro, serrano, cucumber, and citrus. The extensive food menu is easily navigable with sections like snacks and small plates, signature crispy rice, Gyoza tacos, dim sum, steamed buns, noodles and rice, and main delights.

A trip to Kapow Noodle Bar is incomplete without trying their famed noodle dishes.

The substantial serving of shrimp pad Thai is accompanied by fresh bean sprouts, lime, tamarind, coriander, fried egg, and peanuts mixed with soft Banh Pho noodles.

New additions to their lunch menu include beautifully presented, freshly made sushi choices such as a delightful ahi tuna roll.

This menu is ideal for sharing. Don’t miss out on the flavorful Wagyu beef pot stickers or the crispy Vietnamese chicken wings from their Dim Sum selection, seasoned perfectly and served with a spicy Gochujang hot sauce for a hint of spice and a tantalizing Tobanjan-lime ponzu for dipping.

Soft steamed buns like the exceptionally tender Char Sui pork belly and the deliciously crispy Karaage Japanese fried chicken arrive in bamboo baskets and can be ordered individually.

A visit to Kapow Noodle Bar is not complete without relishing some of their famous noodle offerings. Their generous shrimp pad Thai dish is served with fresh bean sprouts, lime, tamarind, coriander, fried egg, and peanuts mixed with soft Banh Pho noodles.

The flavorful skirt steak Lo Mein stands out, prepared with wok-fried wheat noodles, baby Bok choy, red pepper, kimchi-hoisin sauce, and fresh scallions.

They also offer dishes like spicy beef basil, lobster Lo Mein, miso sake salmon, chicken chow fun, and handheld sandwiches including an Oishi Wagyu burger.

The BBQ duck and ginger fried rice emerged as the crowd’s favorite, a flavorful blend of five vegetables, hoisin glaze, and egg. Other crowd-pleasers include their renowned Peking duck, tuna poke bowl, and lobster Rangoon.

Anticipate their new venture, a restaurant inspired by New Orleans named Penelope, slated to open in the former Kapow location.

Image Source: Kapow Noodle Bar @ Instagram

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