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James Turlington Stars In AG Jeans Holiday Campaign For A Stylish Holiday Season

AG Jeans has revealed its holiday 2023 advertisement featuring model James Turlington, captured by photographer Karim Sadli. The visual story showcases clean lines, shadowy contours, and an overall dark and reflective mood, reflecting Sadli’s signature artistry.

AG Jeans Holiday 2023 Campaign

Sadli’s visual narrative emphasizes the clothing’s texture and silhouette and reflects the introspective ambiance of the campaign.

During the holiday season, James Turlington was styled by Camilla Nickerson, showcasing a curated collection of AG Jeans clothing that reflects a modern, urban appeal. In the campaign, James effortlessly dons a knit hoodie that speaks to the comfort and ease required for holiday lounging. His leather jacket is a statement piece that combines classic styling with a modern edge, symbolizing the timeless nature of AG Jeans’ designs. James Turlington showcases a traditional white t-shirt with AG Jeans’ enduring denim. The photo, taken by Karim Sadli for AG Jeans, highlights the brand’s classic yet stylish attire.

AG Jeans’ collection features a timeless white tee paired with meticulously designed jeans, which are integral to the brand’s essence. The campaign’s clothing selection pays homage to casual luxury, making it ideal for holiday get-togethers and intimate events.

Image Source: Andrea Raffin @ShutterStock

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