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Indulge in an Intimate Atmosphere at the Culinary Celebration by Andronis

Dedicated to our fundamental principles of delivering lasting memories, we are thrilled to have once again organized the renowned Andronis Gastronomy Festival. Our picturesque and award-winning restaurants, Lycabettus, Lauda, and Throubi, crafted a warm ambiance and filled our esteemed guests with refined sentiments.

The combination of breathtaking views, exquisite flavors, and impeccable service evoked a magical experience that will be cherished forever.

Globally acclaimed chefs and emerging culinary talents united in a tribute to excellence. An extraordinary sensory voyage through various cuisines and traditions; showcasing the latest trends and methodologies in gastronomy complemented by a range of exceptional local and international wines.

With the distinguished presence of guest-Chefs and the generous support of Nespresso Professional, we offered our Santorini and Epicurean enthusiasts another exceptional culinary journey.




In the days before Santorini became celebrated as a popular destination, Oia was a small village housing merely 306 locals, perched at the northern tip of the caldera.

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Established on this foundation in 1971, Lauda was Oia’s inaugural dining venue. It served as the gathering place for conversations and libations for locals, and was the sole point of communication with the village’s lone telephone.

Today, Lauda Restaurant remains dedicated to upholding the heritage and legacy of this distinctive locale. Armed with premium local ingredients and an unwavering commitment to the volcanic terrain, indigenous grapes, scents, and hues of Santorini, we endeavor to provide a genuine culinary sojourn.



Savor an extraordinary experience in an era where authenticity and artisanal craftsmanship hold intrinsic worth. Relish intimate moments while dining on the brink of the cliff with the renowned blue vista enfolding you. Your destination is none other than Lycabettus. Embraced by a myriad of twinkling stars, this charming terrace bestows a sense of grandeur in a serene and sophisticated setting.

Our executive chef infuses abundant creativity in the kitchen, presenting truly inspired dishes. The menu unveils a medley of equally enticing offerings. Anticipate the finest flavors from across the island amidst an unparalleled ambiance. Our team boasts a wealth of experience in hospitality, ensuring unmatched service that embodies the unmatched luxury of the Andronis ethos.


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Aligned with the resort’s holistic commitment to health and well-being, Throubi restaurant exalts Santorini’s gastronomy under the guidance of a select team, always eager to convey their ardor for crafting exceptional culinary experiences.

Meticulous attention to detail is evident in every dish created and presented as though it were a piece of art, drawing inspiration from the nutritionally balanced Mediterranean culinary style. Our youthful and passionate team pledges top-notch service, a hallmark of quality that the Andronis group prides itself on. Careful selection of ingredients, handpicked from the restaurant’s specialized gardens, reflects our relentless pursuit of perfection.

Immerse yourself in leisurely dinners at the most romantic enclave of Santorini, complemented by an exceptional wine list that never ceases to impress. Discover the hidden pleasures of dining against a poetic backdrop that awakens the senses

Explore more about Andronis Gastronomy Festival 2023 here.

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