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‘In the Midst of the Massive Wealth Shift, Visionary Guide Gordy Bal Publishes “The New Millionaire’s Playbook” for Wealth and Independence’

The imminent colossal transfer of wealth, a historic event, is now upon us. The older generation, the baby boomers, is preparing to pass down an astonishing $84.4 trillion in assets to Millennials and Gen Z. This amount, nearly beyond comprehension, heralds a significant change in the financial landscape of not only the United States but also other countries. This transfer of wealth between generations, a result of the accumulation of riches over years of economic growth in property and on Wall Street, signifies a monumental shift and a transformative moment for the younger generation. Will Millennials and Gen Z revolutionize the doctrines of wealth acquisition and investment impact, or will they succumb to the same temptations and misperceptions as their predecessors?

Recently outlined in a featured article on Fortune, billionaire and investment guru Ray Dalio delves deeper into the complexities of the ‘Great Wealth Transfer’ by shedding light on how this generational shift intersects with the transfer of wealth from the public to the private domain. Dalio highlights that, in the recent years characterized by nearly zero interest rates and quantitative easing, the government has directed wealth from the central government and financial institutions towards households and businesses to bolster consumer spending. This has left the latter in a robust financial position while burdening the government with mounting debt. Such monetary policies have not only contributed to the rise in government debt, but have also resulted in a dramatic downgrade in the credit rating by credit-rating agency Fitch. Following S&P, Fitch became the second major credit-rating agency to downgrade the sovereign credit rating of the United States.

This raises another question. Once the wealth transfer is complete, will Millennials and Gen Z be equipped to reinvent the principles of wealth for the contemporary era, or have the preceding generation already tarnished the essence beyond repair?

The New Millionaire’s Playbook: 7 Keys to Unlock Freedom, Purpose, and Abundance is an innovative new publication — more than just a book — that confronts this very query and beyond. Penned by lifelong financial expert and influential figure Gordy Bal, The New Millionaire’s Playbook serves as both an inspiring and educational piece of literature. Bal raises challenging queries designed to provoke readers into dismantling and then reconstructing their association with wealth, ideas, routines, and society. Bal deliberately prompts readers to question the archaic systems that society has adopted for generations, spanning across education, finance, politics, and healthcare. Bal astutely points out how all these systems create divisions and serve as distractions from a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all facets of life, with the root cause being our collective consciousness. Bal aims to motivate the forthcoming generation of change-makers to leverage this extraordinary historical shift in wealth to embrace wealth and independence. By urging individuals to rewrite the rules and shape a new narrative in accordance with their values and aspirations, Bal provides a contemporary roadmap to individuals seeking to instigate a profound transformation in their personal lives and society, paving the way to a future where wealth and independence walk hand in hand.


“The world awaits you, the new millionaire, the torchbearer of a new epoch. It’s time to step into your potential and be the impetus for a brighter tomorrow. Let’s embark on this new journey together.”

Bal is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of CTR, Conscious Thought Revolution. CTR reallocates resources and invests in groundbreaking technologies and entrepreneurs striving to expedite the evolution of human consciousness, hence the organization’s name. Despite achieving professional success in the financial realm, Bal felt a profound sense of emptiness playing by the rules of the “old millionaire’s game.” After immersing himself in the realm of self-exploration and revelation, Bal discovered how to transform his despondency into inspiration. Eventually finding his like-minded individuals, Bal collaborated with them, centered on purpose and freedom. Through this collaboration, he formulated the “New Millionaire’s Playbook”.

Bal is not the pioneer in attempting to inject a much-needed dose of skepticism and spirit back into investment. The impact investment phenomenon that swept through the venture capital and private equity circles over the recent years has largely fallen short of its grandiose promises. Many impact investors — whether from the generation on the cusp of passing on their wealth or not — have been rightfully criticized for inadvertently exacerbating the very issues they aim to solve through ‘impact investing.’ Despite promoting ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) values and initiating funds to implement them, many of these individuals have significantly contributed to the root problems of our current challenges, including wealth disparity and environmental degradation, among others. The emerging generations have recognized this hypocrisy and are earnestly seeking a fresh blueprint to follow.

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If Millennials and Gen Z did not already appreciate the necessity for a new model with the imminent wealth transfer on the horizon, the governmental responses and the handling of the covid-19 pandemic within the impact investing sector served as a stark reminder. Amidst a global health crisis, millionaires and billionaires saw a surge in their fortunes while the majority of Americans grappled to navigate through the pandemic. Additionally, major pharmaceutical corporations like Pfizer witnessed a spike in their stock prices, while numerous small businesses shuttered.

This is precisely why Bal’s publication is generating considerable anticipation. Introducing groundbreaking, transformative concepts such as “thought capital,” Bal makes everything from personal finance to manifesting accessible and actionable. The book explores realms like parenting, technology, cryptocurrency, investment strategies, mindfulness, conscious growth, mastering abundance, MEPS training, thought upgrades, and more. Released on August 8th — or 8/8, a date of significance to Bal — The New Millionaire’s Playbook is available on Amazon and at various bookstores.


To put it simply, the impending Great Wealth Transfer and the disappointment of impact investing signal a critical moment in financial history. Bal acknowledges that the transfer of immense wealth entails the responsibility of redefining wealth creation and investment practices while moving away from the failures of the past. Through The New Millionaire’s Playbook: 7 Keys to Unlock Freedom, Purpose, and Abundance, Bal aspires to ignite the younger generation to learn from mistakes, reject shallow solutions, and creatively reimagine a new concept of wealth. These investors have a unique chance to forge a new path. Progress requires a deliberate departure from the outdated millionaire’s approach and an openness to the New Millionaire’s Playbook.

To join the movement, secure your copy of the book or visit the website.

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