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FRAME’s Autumn 2024 Male Line Revealed

FRAME’s newest male collection for autumn 2024 is poised to debut in three stages, commencing in July and concluding in September. Anticipate encountering the range imbued with rich shades like pitch blacks, russet browns, and beige, peppered with hints of olive and specks of ivory.

Standout pieces from the assortment encompass a luxurious black leather parka, effortlessly matched with textured wool trousers and enhanced by a cozy, rib-knit crewneck jumper in a muted beige tint. These items superbly encapsulate the essence of the fall season.

This season emphasizes textural fascination, with each outfit receiving a lift from opulent materials such as premium cashmere, smooth suede, and ridged corduroy. Revamping the classic denim and knitwear pairing elevates it to newfound levels of elegance.

Fancy yourself adorned in FRAME’s meticulously curated matches: a cashmere cable-knit crewneck in a mild beige, married with comfortable suede slacks in a gentle mocha hue, crowned with a bomber jacket in a deep olive. This interplay of textures comes together to form an appearance that is both casually stylish and impeccably suited to the brisk transition climate.

The Fall Narrative: FRAME’S Autumn 2024 Collection

The gamut of silhouettes runs from sharp, bespoke suits to relaxed streetwear, proposing a plethora of options from shapely tweed jackets paired with neat wool trousers to spacious denim for a relaxed feel. Distinctive selections such as a chocolate brown varsity jacket and an irresistibly soft, lilac-tinted tweed jumper add a unique flair to individual outfits.

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