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Four Seasons Yachts to Develop an Assortment of Lavish Vessels

Image Source: Unsplash

Renowned in the realm of accommodation, Four Seasons boasts a global presence with over a hundred establishments spanning across forty-seven nations. Now, the brand turns its attention beyond mere hotels and resorts.

Initiatives are already in motion to construct a selection of deluxe vessels under the branding of Four Seasons Yachts. The official debut looks to be slated for 2025.

Backed by extensive expertise, the onboard service of these ships is poised to be extraordinary. Collaborating on this thrilling venture are esteemed figures like Philip Levine, Nadim Ashi, Larry Pimentel, Fincantieri, and others entrenched in the same sphere. Before long, you can secure a voyage aboard these distinguished floating retreats.

Embark on a journey in elegance and relish premium amenities, entertainment, fine dining, and more.

“Four Seasons Yachts embodies the forthcoming phase of our illustrious legacy of pioneering innovation, marking a significant instance for our enterprise as we persist in seizing fresh openings to expand the realm of Four Seasons,” articulated Christian Clerc, the president of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

Particulars surrounding the initial ship hint at approximately ninety-five suites, along with a spa, a salon, diverse bars/restaurants, a gym, a expansive pool, and an open-air cinema. To ensure guests’ requisites are catered to, a proficient team will be on hand to provide personalized services.

Unique attractions aboard the Four Seasons Yachts encompass a transverse marina – purportedly a groundbreaking feat within the industry.

As per the operators, each Four Seasons Yachts abode will boast fifty percent more living area than competitors. The suites will feature entry to generous private terrace decks and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Meanwhile, their most deluxe accommodation is a four-tier expanse surpassing 9,600 square feet, housing a private spa and wading pool.


Image Source: Unsplash

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