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    Food Enthusiasts Gather at NETFLIX BITES in Los Angeles

    Starting from Screen to Plate, Netflix inaugurated its inaugural culinary establishment, NETFLIX BITES in Los Angeles. It’s the ultimate haven for food lovers where enthusiasts of Netflix’s culinary programs can savor some of the delicacies that their preferred chefs have crafted on screen. Some of the cooks have made appearances on ‘Chef’s Table’, the longest-running factual series on Netflix. Others are victors on ‘Iron Chef’ and ‘Is It Cake?’

    NETFLIX BITES is a temporary pop-up showcasing a vast selection of culinary creations. Well-known celebrity chef Curtis Stone collaborated with other Netflix culinary experts such as Dominique Crenn from Chef’s Table and Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend, Rodney Scott of Chef’s Table: BBQ, Ming Tsai from Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend, Ann Kim of Chef’s Table: Pizza, Nadiya Hussain from Nadiya Bakes, Jacques Torres from Nailed It!, and Andrew Zimmern of Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend. Together, they united to curate an exclusive tasting menu for a unique dining experience.


    Hailing from Australia, Curtis Stone is the proprietor of two Michelin-starred eateries in Los Angeles – Gwen and Maude. This Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend titleholder is a Specialist in Contemporary American Cuisine.

    ‘Sharing my passion for gastronomy with individuals across the globe is one of the greatest thrills of my life, but this screen-to-plate encounter of offering fans a sample of what occurs on camera is just marvelous. The gifted culinary artists and mixologists gathered signifies there is something for every taste, and I’m exceedingly thrilled that my team at Curtis Stone Events is engaged in bringing NETFLIX BITES to reality,” conveyed Stone.

    Curtis Stone features his invigorating summer cool chilled tomato and grilled watermelon consomme soup. It is listed in the Small Bites section of the menu and arrives in a bowl with a small carafe. A server pours the transparent tomato consomme into a bowl right before diners’ eyes. It’s visually stunning as floating tiny compressed fruit balls rest at the bottom of the bowl.

    Other culinary creations from Curtis Stone encompass his entire Dungeness crab curry with finger limes, crispy shallots, and garlic. This dish was showcased on Iron Chef.

    Chef Andrew Zimmern crafts a crunchy Japanese Fried Chicken with a togarashi aioli and a drizzle of lemon. This is ideal as a shared appetizer.

    His ‘My Grandmother’s Meatloaf’ is served on mashed potatoes with a ladle of savory beef gravy. This pure comfort with every bite Chef Andrew Zimmern menu item is exclusive to this pop-up.


    “Netflix is already a hub for cherished culinary programming, from documentaries to contest exhibits,’ remarked Josh Simon, VP, of Consumer Goods. ‘From episode to main course, with NETFLIX BITES we are forging an in-person experience where enthusiasts can delve into their favored culinary programs. We are thrilled to partner with these exceptional chefs who will breathe life into this plan and demonstrate an assortment of their delectable menus.’

    They erected a NETFLIX BITES pizza oven entirely for one of their stars on Chef’s Table: Pizza – Chef Ann Kim.

    Her Lady Zaza pizza is one of the most requested dishes. This James Beard laureate owns Pizzeria Lola, Hello Pizza, Young Joni (James Beard Award laureate in 2019), and Sooki & Mimi.

    She concocts her personal kimchi for her Lady Zaza pizza. Kimchi is Korean comfort fare. Chef Ann crafts her grandmother’s and mother’s kimchi recipes. In Chef’s Table: Pizza, Chef Ann informs viewers ‘Crafting kimchi is about scent and flavor.’ Her mother educated her on what flavors good. Some Americans may perceive kimchi as pungent, but when she crowns her Lady Zaza pizza with kimchi, the strong aroma is baked away into a delightful sweetness. ‘Pizza acts as a door to introduce tastes to individuals who may be reluctant to sample it. If it’s on a pizza, you just place trust in it,’

    Upon relocating to the States, her family encountered minimal portrayal of what an Asian lady could be,’ revealed Chef Ann. ‘I am not predisposed like that.’ She fought societal barricades and did things in her own way. ‘If you provide individuals the liberty to be themselves, astonishing things can materialize,’ stated Chef Ann.

    Indulging in a fraction of Chef Ann’s Lady Zaza, the tomato sauce does not overwhelm and her kimchi is sweet. The savory Sakura pork, sliced scallions, and a substantial sprinkling of sesame offer an excellent melody of flavors. What renders this pizza particularly exceptional is her dough. For Chef Ann, crafting pizza dough is akin to crafting kimchi. It’s all about utilizing your hands and savoring, sniffing, and letting it rest leisurely to draw out marvellous flavor profiles and textures.

    Learning to be genuine, she bakes pizzas with components that she adores. When producing pickles with garlic and Thai chilis, Chef Ann resolved to create a pizza that is garnished with her delightful pickles. Her sought-after ‘Minnesota Pickle Pie’ is offered on the NETFLIX BITES menu. The slightly charred baked dough is crowned with smoked onions, slices of her fermented pickles, chili flakes, buttermilk dressing, and dill. When it emerges from the pizza oven, it is garnished with crunchy kettle chips. The flavor profile brings immense joy to patrons who select this pizza.

    She also offers a BBQ short rib pizza on the menu. It comes out piping hot with a heap of arugula leaves atop melted mozzarella cheese and sprinkle of chili vinaigrette. It’s savory, earthy, and has a hint of heat with each bite.

    Her Summer tomato pie listed on the menu is garnished with sweet sungold tomatoes, melted mozzarella cheese, pecorino romano, garlic, basil, and honey.

    Chef Ann’s pizzas and diners are a testimony of affection to her parents and family. That love can be savored at NETFLIX BITES.

    To cap it off, Netflix Beverage Masters favorite mixologists including Frankie Solarik, Julie Reiner, LP O’Brien, and Kate Gerwin craft distinct cocktails for the beverage menu. Kate Gerwin’s ‘Happy Little Accidents’ is an island-inspired beverage with salted dried plum crystals on the perimeter to provide a subtle sensation on the lips.

    LP O’Brien’s ‘Everything But The Alley Cat’ is incredibly rich and creamy. It’s concocted with Mount Gay Dark Rum, homemade coconut guava elixir, toasted rice orgeat, Carnation milk, freshly squeezed lime juice, and xantham gum. It’s served with a red envelope containing caramelized plantain as a garnish.

    Julie Reiner’s Cornbread Old Fashioned is a hit for those who relish substantial ice cubes and a serving of Calle 23 Reposado Tequila and Elijah Craig bourbon.

    NETFLIX BITES at Short Stories Hotel has limited tables available from 5-10 p.m., seven days a week. On Saturdays & Sundays, the pop-up also serves a brunch selection from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Secure a table reservation at and stay tuned for updates by following @netflixbites on Instagram.

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