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Extra Late Disgorged 2008 J Vineyards Sparkling Chardonnay

One of the most anticipated vintages is the  J Vineyards’ 2008 Extra Late Disgorged (XLD) Russian River Valley sparkling Chardonnay, which offers flavors of black truffle and hints of mandarin with each sip. The wine has a faint golden hue and small bubbles that are clarified throughout the pouring and tasting, making it a unique addition to any celebratory table.

Disgorging is a rare process in sparkling wine and champagne production, where excess yeast or “yeast lees” are removed from the bottle before the cork is inserted. This process is essential in creating exceptional wine with fine and long-lasting bubbles in the glass.

When sparkling wine is made in the traditional method or Champagne style, the secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle, resulting in fine bubbles and unique flavors that slowly emerge from the yeast during the autolysis process, creating a distinct taste that improves with time.

The process of disgorgement involves removing the yeast lees sediment from the bottle, ensuring that the wine continues to develop in an oxidative environment without the influence of the lees. The J Vineyards’ 2008 Extra Late Disgorged (XLD) Russian River Valley Chardonnay is an exceptional sparkling wine made from 51% Chardonnay, 2% Pinot Meunier, and 47% Pinot Noir / Pinot Nero, offering a light-gold color and a memorable taste experience.

With only 80 cases produced for this XLD release, the 08 XLD is a uniquely singular, thought-provoking experience, aged for more than 13 years on the lees to reveal a new dimension of Russian River Valley sparkling wine. The Winemaker at J Vineyards and Winery, Nicole Hitchcock, expressed her passion for pushing the boundaries of sparkling wines, stating that XLD honors a more mature expression of Russian River Valley, making it a truly exceptional addition to any special occasion.

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