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Explore Valentino’s Breakout 2023 Capsule Collection at This Opulent Amalfi Coast Resort

Indulge Yourself in Opulence at Maison Valentino’s Breakout 2023 Capsule Collection Pop-Up Event and Chic Beach Club Takeover, Hosted at the Magnificent Palazzo Avino on the Amalfi Coast. This Historic Mansion, Constructed in the 12th Century, Presents Majestic Views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and Establishes the Ideal Setting for this Exclusive Fashion Gathering.

Within Palazzo Avino’s Boutique, The Pink Closet, Fashion Aficionados Can Delve into Valentino’s Breakout 2023 Couture Line. This Exclusive Collection Showcases a New Interpretation of Legendary Valentino Patterns like Valentino Animalier, Loop, and Panther. Visitors can Explore Ethereal Kaftans, Airy Cocktail Dresses, Attention-Grabbing Beachwear, and Stylish Sandals. This Special Collection Will Remain Available In-Store Only Until August, and Fortunate Hotel Guests Will be Gifted with Valentino Shades and a Keychain as a Special Surprise.

As Fashion Labels Persist in Collaborating with Lifestyle Companies to Develop a Unified Brand Encounter, the Partnership Between Palazzo Avino and Valentino was a Logical Decision. Mariella Avino, the Hotel’s Managing Director and Co-Proprietor, Describes, “Valentino is Intricately Linked with Italian Heritage and Tradition, Rendering them the Ideal Associate to Harmonize Our Hotel With.”

This Association Expands to the Adjacent Coastal Village of Marmorata, Where Palazzo Avino’s Cliffside Seashore Club, Clubhouse by the Sea, Awaits. Following a Day of Shopping Therapy, Visitors can Unwind and Rejuvenate at this Luxurious Seashore Club, Equipped with Valentino Red Beach Parasols and Striped Deckchairs. Maison Valentino Offers a Tailored Summer Kit to Guarantee a Magical and Relaxing Encounter.

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