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Explore These Retro Electric 72 Volt Bicycles

For those who, similar to us at The Status Life, have been captivated by the electric bicycle industry in recent years and have an affinity for vintage-inspired goods, there exists a company that should definitely catch your attention and they are known as Vintage Electric Bikes.

The most recent lineup from Vintage Electric, the 72 Volt Collection of bicycles, featuring The Shelby ($7429), The Scrambler ($6995), and The Roadster ($6995), unquestionably stand out as the most stylish electric bicycles on the market currently.

The Vintage Electric 72 Volt Bicycles exude an abundance of classic charm and offer an incredible amount of power for an astonishingly good price. If you are in search of your next urban commute companion and desire to arrive at your destination with a touch of elegance, these 72 Volt Bicycles from Vintage Electric are going to be extremely difficult to surpass.

With triple the torque, a 4000-watt drivetrain, a top speed of 40mph, and a mere 3-hour charging duration, the electric bicycle sector has just been elevated to a new level with the 72 Volt Collection.

Despite its powerful rear-hub motor, these bicycles operate almost silently while being fueled by Vintage Electric’s redesigned 72 volt 1123 watt-hour battery that provides a range of up to 75 miles on a full charge.

Showcasing outstanding design aesthetics (especially the hydroformed aluminum frame and artistic accents throughout) and precision engineering (including stabilizing front suspension, retro LED headlight, and more), these 72 Volt Bicycles from Vintage Electric are truly exceptional in terms of performance and visual appeal.

Acquiring a Vintage Electric Bicycle and hitting the road is a breeze. Upon buying a stunning ride from the brand, it is fully assembled by their team in Santa Clara, California. Following the assembly, it is loaded onto a network of vans and trucks for direct delivery to your doorstep. Before you know it, you’ll be gliding through your city streets.

Image Source: CleanTechnia

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