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    Explore The Latest Sights And Activities On Catalina Island In 2024

    Back in 1919, William Wrigley Jr., famous for his gum empire, purchased Catalina Island as a present for his wife Ada Wrigley Jr. Ever since, the Catalina Island Company has witnessed ongoing enhancements by various members of the Wrigley family. Presently, the operations are managed by descendants such as Alison Wrigley-Rusack and her spouse Geoffrey C. Rusack, overseeing accommodations, dining choices, excursions, and pursuits on the island.

    The traditional Hotel Atwater, named after Alison’s great grandmother, has recently undergone a revamp to modernize the accommodations and services offered to guests. The hotel provides a credit for dining and beverages and is conveniently situated a block away from the shoreline in Avalon.

    Travelers now have the opportunity to relish the freshly rehabilitated Flxible Touring Bus, affectionately called ‘Betsy’, which conducts trips to El Rancho Escondido, a ranch revitalized by the Wrigley-Rusack family. The ranch features Arabian and American Quarter Horses, vineyards, and captivating vistas of Catalina Island.

    One of the standout attractions at the ranch is the remarkable ‘Bishop’s Chapel’ featuring an ocean view, inviting visitors to delve into the chapel’s past and absorb the stunning scenery. Moreover, the ranch nurtures grapes for Rusack Vineyards, providing guests a taste of their Santa Catalina Island wines.

    Additional activities on Catalina Island encompass the rental of electric bicycles for exploring Avalon, relishing meals at establishments like Avalon Grille serving Rusack wines, and dropping by the Flx Biergarten – the island’s inaugural beer garden.

    For a premium experience, travelers can choose the Commodore Lounge on the Catalina Express, relishing priority embarkation, plush seating, and complimentary snacks and beverages. The island hosts an assortment of events throughout the year, luring in sightseers from across the world. To gather more details and orchestrate your trip, visit the Catalina Island Company website.

    Image Source: JC Roman / Shutterstock

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