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Explore The Latest Navy/Gold 4130 Bicycle from State Bicycle Co

When searching for the ideal city bike, you will inevitably find yourself at the doorstep of State Bicycle Co and their fantastic range of bicycles. The Navy/Gold 4130 Bicycle stands out as one of the most stylish options available, and it is undoubtedly one of our preferred releases from the well-known Californian bike supplier. The enhanced 4130 model features larger tires that are perfectly tailored for all your cycling escapades. This bike handles rough city streets, gravel trails, and even light off-road paths with utmost ease – what’s not to admire?

Priced reasonably at $549.99, the Navy/Gold 4130 Bicycle from State Bicycle Co is the top choice for urban commuting here at Coolector. It is highly durable, versatile, and riders can revel in the simplicity of a single-speed design – renowned for its reliability and easy maintenance. If you desire a high-quality bike that excels in both looks and performance without breaking the bank, this model is hard to surpass.

Drawing its name from the double-butted 4130-grade Chromoly steel used on the frame and fork, the 4130 Steel Line boasts exceptional strength without compromising on weight. The latest geometry redesign creates ample space for the bike’s larger tires with added features like fork and seat stay rack mounts, making the Navy/Gold 4130 Bicycle from State Bicycle Co the ultimate all-rounder for your adventures.

Every unit comes with the rider’s choice of All-Road Gravel Drops or Wide Riders, alongside tubeless-compatible wheels sporting 38x700c tires, connected to a sealed-bearing flip-flop hub. This bicycle is perfect for those seeking a top-notch single-speed/fixed-gear bike that can conquer any terrain. And the best part is, it can be yours for less than $600.

Image Source: State Bicycle

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