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Explore The Latest Lyric Vodoo Electric Bicycle

The electric bicycle sector is continuously improving with an increasing number of labels introducing stunning rides that are perfectly designed for navigating through urban landscapes. The most recent model that has captured our attention at The Status Life is the Lyric Vodoo Electric Bicycle, which can currently be reserved for $100 prior to its release for $6999 in the upcoming spring season of 2023.

The Lyric Vodoo Electric Bicycle offers an incredibly impressive performance on the road and unquestionably stands out as one of the most stylish rides we have come across at The Status Life. Featuring a futuristic design that we greatly admire, this high-powered electric shape-shifter will certainly satisfy the need for speed in 2023 and beyond.

This fashionable ride features a sleek, exposed trellis frame that brilliantly showcases its modern, pristine technology. Its retro café racer design evokes nostalgia that traditional motorcyclists seeking a contemporary ride will definitely appreciate. Whether you aim to escape traffic and road anger for a peaceful, eco-friendly commute, or crave exhilarating weekend escapades, Lyric’s Vodoo Electric Bicycle is the perfect companion.

This versatile electric vehicle excels in multiple scenarios and with a peak power output of 18,000 watts and a top speed of 65 MPH, the Vodoo leads the pack in all areas. The only thing you might crave after experiencing it is more time on the road. Available for reservation now, secure your spot swiftly as past releases from Lyric have proven to be highly sought-after.


Image Source: Lyric Cycles

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