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Explore The Beauty, Culture, And Cuisine Of Tochigi Prefecture In Japan

Tochigi Prefecture in Japan offers travelers a unique experience that combines natural beauty, cultural richness, and historical landmarks. Nikko, Oku-Nikko, and Utsunomiya are three captivating destinations in the region, connected by flowing mountain water which is essential for agriculture and sake production. Easily accessible from Tokyo, it’s an ideal place for a short getaway.

The pure water of the region is crucial for sake production, with Tochigi Prefecture known for its high-quality sake.

Nikko’s Sake Secrets

Watanabesahei Sake Brewery near Central Nikko has been using pure underground water from the Oku-Nikko mountains for over 180 years to craft exceptional sake. Visitors can take a brewery tour to witness the sake-making process and enjoy sake tasting with Japanese snacks. Nearby, Katayama Sake Brewery specializes in Genshu, an unfiltered and undiluted sake, also using pristine underground water from Oku-Nikko mountains to create exceptional rice wine.

Utsunomiya’s Highlights

Utsunomiya offers a blend of history, culture, and culinary excellence. Visitors can explore the tranquil oasis of Wakayama Farm, boasting bamboo groves where they can participate in a workshop to make bamboo cups and plates. The region’s fertile soil, nourished by its pure waters, contributes to its exceptional cuisine, as seen in Hachinojo Restaurant’s 10-course tasting menu that celebrates the blessings of water from Oku-Nikko, featuring dishes made from locally sourced ingredients.

Utsunomiya is also renowned for its gyoza, with dining establishments like Kirasse and Samurai Jugemu offering exceptional gyoza cuisine.

Nightlife in Utsunomiya

As the sun sets, Utsunomiya comes alive with its vibrant nightlife, offering sophisticated jazz bars, craft cocktail bars, and cozy izakayas, providing a perfect end to a day of exploration.

The Tochigi Prefecture, including Nikko, Oku-Nikko, and Utsunomiya, offers a range of experiences, from natural wonders to cultural and culinary delights, all connected by the region’s magical waters. Whether it’s exploring the mountains, enjoying sake tasting, wandering through bamboo forests, or savoring exceptional cuisine, a trip to Tochigi is sure to create lasting memories.

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