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Explore Opulence At RdV Vineyards In Dalaplane, Virginia

Upon encountering RdV Vineyards in Delaplane, Virginia, one cannot help but be intrigued by their pursuit to establish the inaugural American Cru. For connoisseurs of fine wine, RdV may have already attained this prestigious goal. The winery’s striking edifice, featuring a glistening white silo, immediately captures attention, evoking the essence of a local farm.

Under the guidance of Rutger de Vink, the mission to elevate American wine to unprecedented heights is steadily materializing. Leveraging Rutger’s background as a U.S. Marine and his unwavering determination, the aspiration to craft America’s premier red wine is gradually taking form.

Rutger’s odyssey in the realm of wine commenced subsequent to his military tenure, pursing studies at Colgate University and Kellogg for his MBA. Following a brief interlude at a venture capital firm in Washington DC, Rutger came to the realization that the corporate sphere was not his calling. Driven by his desire to toil in vineyards and revel in the great outdoors, he followed his dreams.

Embarking on a journey to glean insights into winemaking, Rutger apprenticed at several wineries across the U.S. and Europe, most notably at Linden Vineyards where he crossed paths with Jim Law, a prominent luminary in Virginia’s wine domain. It was in the vicinity of Linden, amidst a cattle farm, that Rutger discerned the promise of cultivating grapes. Acquiring the land, he planted vines in the year 2006, fortifying a state-of-the-art winery in 2011.

RdV inaugurated its legacy with the introduction of their inaugural 2008 Lost Mountain bottles, priced at $88 each, serving as a testament to their unwavering commitment to superiority. Winemaker Josh Grainer, a pivotal figure in materializing the vision of an American Cru, has played a seminal role in RdV’s triumph.

Manifolding the distinguished team at RdV is Hospitality Director Karl Kuhn, previously affiliated with a Michelin-acclaimed eatery. The winery’s exclusive wine club, christened “Ambassadors,” aids in disseminating awareness about the establishment and offers ennobling access to scarce releases, establishing them as esteemed members of the RdV fraternity.

For enthusiasts yearning to savor the essence of RdV, reservations for tastings can be conveniently made online. Prominently catering to the assorted needs of their wine club patrons, RdV underscores their commitment to quality and exclusivity.

An extravagant sojourn in the vicinity could encompass lodging at Salamander Resort and Spa in Middleburg or a snug retreat at the Red Fox Inn, renowned for its alluring suites and cottages. RdV Vineyards gleams as a paragon of eminence in American winemaking, vowing to fashion exceptional wines.

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