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Explore Enchantment: Witness The Charm Of The Fairy Cottage In London

When it concerns my two young daughters, they have constantly displayed a fondness for “girly” things – mermaids, princesses, and fairies. Therefore, upon hearing about The Fairy Cottage from acquaintances who had participated in their Fairy Instruction session and expressed their admiration, I understood it would be the ideal place to encourage their interest in fairies. I made the decision to reserve a Summer Fairy Instruction session for my fairy-enthusiastic little girls.

The Fairy Cottage is situated close to Northcote Road in Clapham. We arrived on a summer evening, the girls brimming with anticipation to encounter a “real fairy”. They clutched their exquisitely illustrated invitation from Fairy Katie, individually personalized for them, which heightened their excitement. We reached a little early so we could discover the captivating Fairy Garden before our scheduled time. The meticulous attention to detail in the decorations astounded us. There was a postbox for “Fairy Mail” embellished with roses, window boxes and plant pots brimming with flowers, a swinging chair draped in roses, a wishing well, and a signpost pointing towards various whimsical directions. As the peony pink door swung open, Fairy Katie – an ethereal being in damask rose attire, flowers, and gossamer wings – welcomed us. Both my daughters and I were transfixed.

Fairy Katie ushered us into her parlour, which was adorned with charming peculiarities such as a rainbow-themed piano, a talking wardrobe inspired by Beauty and the Beast, a cuckoo clock named Lawrence, and sparkling fairy lights. Fairy Kate disclosed that she had enlarged to human size for their special visit, but her usual size is that of a fingernail. The precision in detail, such as the invitation featuring the girls’ names on the mantelpiece, was extraordinary.

Fairy Katie informed the girls that they would be engaging in fairy training, and that wings and wands were required. The girls were ecstatic upon receiving rainbow-hued wings and intricately designed wands. We then meandered through a hallway adorned with “human” objects and a butterfly-covered wall to access the Fairy Kitchen. The kitchen contained a fairy post office and the Fairy Den. Refreshments were served for the apprentice fairies and their “Friendly Giant” – mermaid water and fairy tea. The girls hung on to every word as Fairy Katie narrated a magical tale, followed by concocting a dream elixir using various mixtures of gloop and glitter.

Subsequently, we descended into the basement, referred to as the Rabbit Hole, where Fairy Katie had concealed dream crystals for the girls to locate. The girls were exhilarated to commence their quest. Subsequently, there was fairy dance, creative activities where dreamcatchers were crafted, and a game where they captured their dream energy using fishing nets. The pinnacle of the encounter was when the girls congregated in the Dream Den, adorned with dreamcatchers, and expressed their wishes. Finally, we returned to the Fairy Kitchen to receive their Summer Fairy Training certificates. As a final thrill, Fairy Katie bestowed a miniature model of the Fairy Cottage and a special iced fairy biscuit upon each girl.

I am unable to determine who relished the Fairy Cottage adventure more – myself or my daughters. Both of them are already requesting to revisit and celebrate their forthcoming birthdays there. The Fairy Cottage additionally provides a Birthday Showcase experience, complete with handmade invitations and Fairy Cottage gift pouches. Every season, the Fairy Instruction program varies with distinct activities, ensuring a continual incentive to revisit. For further details and to secure your fairy encounter, visit

Image Source: Londonist

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