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Experience the Enchantment and Superiority of Jack Russell Inn: A Charming Hotel in Hampshire

Situated on the outskirts of the charming Roman hamlet of Faccombe, the Jack Russell Inn presents a tranquil getaway with idyllic countryside strolls just a stone’s throw away. Visitors can venture to nearby landmarks like Highclere Castle, the renowned backdrop of Downton Abbey, and the residence of Jane Austen in Chawton. This rural tavern, with its sophisticated and fashionable chambers, is a delightful option for partners, families, and even four-legged companions. The hotel’s pet-friendly philosophy is noticeable from the minute you step foot, featuring a canine guest log and rooms named after various canine breeds.

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The primary structure of the inn showcases a tavern-esque dining area and bar with charming blue wall paneling and traditional oak furnishings. The neighboring brick extension accommodates contemporary and roomy lodgings that amalgamate a polished rustic style with modern comforts. The inn is committed to eco-friendliness and takes measures to lessen its ecological footprint. They procure their water from a UV-filtered well, generate energy from a wind turbine, and employ a biomass boiler fueled by wood pellets for heating.

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The team at the Jack Russell Inn are welcoming, attentive, and always willing to assist. They are delighted to suggest local promenades and eateries and even furnish a dedicated lounge space and outdoor hearth for hunting gatherings. The 11 expansive chambers are exquisitely adorned and offer a serene sanctuary. Each chamber provides breathtaking panoramas and lavish amenities, including Noble Isle bath products and complimentary internet access.

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The cuisine at the Jack Russell Inn is outstanding and locally sourced. The morning meal selection presents a variety of choices, encompassing delectable honey-roasted oatmeal and a meatless breakfast. During noon, guests can relish delicacies such as garden herb gazpacho and freshly caught Cornish cod. The young ones’ menu is well-crafted and involves a profusion of greens. The bar offers mixed drinks and an enticing array of wines, while canines are spoiled with freshly prepared sausages and clean water from a Keg marked ‘Hair of the Dog’.

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In short, the Jack Russell Inn offers a hospitable and snug ambiance, remarkable gastronomy, and a refuge for canines and their masters. It is a concealed jewel in Hampshire waiting to be explored.

Location: Netherton Hill, Faccombe, Andover, SP11 0DS, England
Phone: 01264 737 315

To secure a booking, kindly proceed to: [website-url][/website-url]

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