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Exclusive Fine Art Book Unveiled by Aston Martin Residences

Within the vibrant collaboration between G&G Business Developments, the co-developer with Aston Martin Lagonda for the prestigious Aston Martin Residences in Miami, emerges a stunning new art book inspired by the awe-inspiring UNIQUE Triplex Penthouse.

At the heart of the Aston Martin Residences lies a deep-seated appreciation for art. The brand-new 80-page leather-bound art book, measuring 20” x 20”, is being presented in anticipation of the grand opening of the permanent art gallery located on the 52nd floor. This gallery, introduced virtually in 2021, featured an exclusive exhibition by renowned British artist and photographer, Julian Lennon, showcasing carefully curated images from his personal collection.

Comprising a collection of diverse art forms including paintings, sculptures, music, and poetry, the exquisite coffee table book narrates the narrative of the UNIQUE Triplex Penthouse at the pinnacle of Aston Martin Residences. It showcases exclusive original pieces by talented global artists who offer their unique impressions and interpretations of the luxurious development. Some of the featured artists are:

  • Peter McLennan & Gregg Emery with “Creating a Masterpiece One Brushstroke at a Time”
  • Aaron Schwartz with “A Kaleidoscope Point of View”
  • Fabio Mesa with “The Dreamers”
  • Robi Walters with “You’ll Know When You Get There”
  • Michele Utley Voigt with “Aquasitions”

Scattered among the book’s pages are captivating renditions transformed by artists who have injected their distinct perspectives to produce new artistic creations.

For instance, Fabio Mesa skillfully visualized the upper terrace and private pool of the triplex, using an abstract oil and acrylic technique on canvas. The explosion of colors – blue, white, yellow, and orange – vividly captures the breathtaking ocean view and the setting sun on the horizon.

Elsewhere in the book, automotive photographer Rafael Delceggio breathes life into the rare Aston Martin Vulcan, complementing the uniqueness of the triplex penthouse through a series of images highlighting the unmatched design of the supercar.

To G&G, beauty resonates as visible music. The remarkable book includes a QR code linked to an original orchestral score performed by a ten-piece orchestra, inspired by the scenic views from the UNIQUE penthouse.

Germán Coto, the CEO of G&G Business Developments, expressed, “Art is an inherent part of Aston Martin Residences. Our residents will plunge into a dynamic canvas of contemporary artwork at the 52nd-floor gallery. The art book we’ve crafted showcases exclusive visuals inspired by the UNIQUE penthouse, destined to captivate art enthusiasts seeking the extraordinary.”

Limited to 150 copies, meticulously crafted, and considered an artwork in itself, the hand-bound leather volume is destined to be a treasured collector’s item. The final six blank pages await the handwritten recount of the first owner’s journey to claiming residence in the distinguished UNIQUE penthouse.

Presented on a custom-designed lectern by Aston Martin, modeled after the iconic building’s structure, the art book and lectern blend harmoniously to form a distinctive sculptural masterpiece.

Marek Reichman, the EVP & Chief Creative Officer of Aston Martin Lagonda, noted, “Art creation holds immense significance, reflecting the essence of our brand through the language of art and beauty. Whether in designing exceptional sports cars or luxurious residences, Aston Martin embodies a commitment to celebrating elegance, exemplified through the UNIQUE penthouse and its stunning art book.”

The UNIQUE penthouse, accessible via a private elevator across three expansive floors atop the Aston Martin Residences in Miami, epitomizes luxury living with unparalleled light, panoramic ocean, river, and city panoramas, and absolute seclusion.

Priced at $59 million, this sprawling 20,000 sq. ft. property includes seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and features wrap-around terraces on every floor, a private pool, a gym, spa, and a climate-controlled garage. A true testament to Aston Martin’s hallmark design and luxury ethos, the UNIQUE penthouse embodies the essence of artful living.

Image Source: Luxury Guide USA

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